2019 horoscope: Finance, money, work predictions for YOUR stars sign this year

2019 horoscope: Finance, money, work predictions for YOUR stars sign this year

THE New Year is fully underway and with it, astrologers are scanning the stars to learn more about their life in the coming months. Here is everything you need to know about your work and finance horoscopes in 2019.

Astrologers observe the zodiac signs and planetary movements to learn more about the universe, fate and where life will take them. Based on the movements of the celestial bodies and the stars, esoteric energies are believed to wash over and influence us. This ancient practice has been in use for centuries and with the New Year starting with the Sun in Capricorn, what better time to look at the stars. Find out how the different horoscope movements in the skies over the coming days and months will have an impact on your personal star sign.
Aries horoscope for 2019

Aries is the first zodiac sign on the charts and is the star sign of courage, strength, confidence and optimism.

According to astrologer Jamie Partridge of AstrologyKing.com, Aries will have an opportunity to come across money between June and October this year.

The astrologer said: “June 2 to October 16 – Jupiter trine your decan again brings more opportunities to make money on investments and all sorts of financial deals.

“A positive attitude and sociability can improve your self-esteem, and enrich your relationships and social life.”

Taurus horoscope for 2019

Taurus the Bull is the zodiac of reliability, patience and practicality.

You could receive a promotion at work and be given more responsibility

Jamie Partridge, AstrologyKing.com

With a bit of hard work this year, you could look forward to some positive developments at your job.

Mr Partridge wrote: “You will work hard on building safe and secure foundations for years to come.

“You could receive a promotion at work and be given more responsibility.

“This should be a good year for buying and selling real estate or renovating your home.”

Gemini horoscope for 2019

Gemini’s zodiac represents the gentler and more affectionate cosmic energies radiating from the stars.

According to Mr Partridge, focusing on financial gain and money between now and February 2019 could result in “moral bankruptcy”.

Try not to take more than you need or you risk creating tension and discord between yourself and your loved ones.

The astrologer also said you should not expect too much from others without giving anything back in return.

Cancer horoscope for 2019

People born under the influence of Cancer are said to be tenacious, loyal and highly emotional individuals.

And the good news is Mr Partridge feels a promotion or new placement at work might come your way this year.

He said: “If looking for work you may get a breakthrough you were not expecting.

“It is likely you will meet new and unusual people and have more involvement with friends and groups”

Leo horoscope for 2019

Leo the Lion is the most warm-hearted of the horoscope signs and is symbolic of cheer, humour and passion.

In terms of finances, Jupiter’s influence on the Leo Decan Two between June and October will create opportunities for financial gain.

A positive attitude towards your surroundings during this time will help your self-esteem and enrich your life.

Then between July and December, an eclipse of the Sun will help your personal and professional development.

Virgo horoscope for 2019

Virgo is a mutable earth sign in the constellation Virgo, where the Sun resides between September 16 to October 30.

Business, finance and careers should all go well this year for Virgos in the third decan of Virgo.

Then between December 2019 and December 2020, Mr Partridge said a surprise at work will come your way.

He said: “You will work hard on building safe and secure foundations for years to come.

“You could receive a promotion at work and be given more responsibility.”

Libra horoscope for 2019

Libra is the horoscope of balance, diplomacy, grace and cooperation.

This year, between February and June you can look forward to developments in your private and professional relationships at work.

And towards the end of the year, after the second half of December, will be a time to focus on hard work and serious business.

You should expect to take on extra responsibilities and you will need to face this with determination.

Scorpio horoscope for 2019

Scorpio has a reputation for being a troublesome star sign, known for being stubborn and envious at times.

Mr Partridge said you will find yourself this year taking on more responsibilities in work as well as in your family life.

Then between January and March, with a bit of extra hard work, you can make your dreams “come true”.

And hunting down spiritual pursuits in this window of opportunity will result in material gain.

Sagittarius horoscope for 2019

Sagittarius the Archer represents generosity, idealism and cheerful humour.

Mr Partridge said: “July 2 to December 25 – The July 2 Solar Eclipse suggests you will have to make adjustment to your goals in response to changing circumstances.

“You may swing from nervous anxiety to excited anticipation as some doors close but new opportunities appear out of nowhere.

“The key to success is staying open-minded and flexible.”

Capricorn horoscope for 2019

The Sun is currently drifting through the constellation Capricornus – the star sign of discipline, responsibility and self-control.

This year could prove particularly beneficial if you apply yourself to your goals at hand.

Mr Partridge said: “Saturn in your decan represents the culmination of years of effort and striving toward your goals.

The harder you work and the more responsibly you carry out your duties, the more rewarding this year will be.”

Aquarius horoscope for 2019

The 11th star sign of the zodiac is said to be a humanitarian and progressive energy in the heavens.

According to Mr Partridge, Aquarius in the third decan is bound for developments in the workplace.

The astrologer wrote: “At work you may be offered a new position which leads to a jump up the ladder, or at least a welcome change.

“If looking for work you may get a breakthrough you were not expecting.”

Pisces horoscope for 2019

Pisces is the last zodiac on the horoscope charts and is present between February 18 and March 20.

Mr Partridge expects some motive change at work awaits you – some new placement or even a promotion.

At the very least, you will come across a “welcome change”.

The astrologer said this will be a “liberating and pleasantly surprising year”.