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Oscar week… Sorting through shit

TBD – As I watch what is available to me for this year’s Oscar Nominees; the event used to take place directly below my balcony when I lived in Hollywood California at what was then the Kodak Theater, so holds a mixed feeling in my heart, remembering road closures, helicopters and more security than if every world leader in the world was convening a meeting there. I find myself in a perpetual yawn. I just finished what seemed like a plethora of bad movies & remakes. (A Star is Born) –  a misogynistic one at that. More to come. Where are the Great ones? Roma? Okay… cool  – but a decorated black & white home movie. Where are this generation’s God Father? It is pretty pathetic.  More on this rant as I binge on what is available. Christian Bale in Vice? Now that looks interesting for the make up alone… but Oscar worthy? I just don’t know. As demented POTUS says “Let’s see what happens.”


Update: My favorite is by “The Favourite” a truly Plutonic film with sex, lies, power plays, jealousy, debauchery and erotica. Emma Stone is fantastic.

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