Masturbation – What’s Normal?


When it comes to masturbation, there’s a sort of quiet understanding among most people that it’s not really something to bring up in a normal conversation.

Of course, the stigma around female sexuality and the internalized shame that creates might be lowering these numbers. Even though responses to the survey were anonymous, that still doesn’t stop people, especially young women, from being embarrassed and changing their answers accordingly. After all, in the age of Internet surveillance, everyone I know thinks twice before they post anything, regardless of how unlikely it is anyone will ever know. Plus, the “four times a week or more” category is the most frequent category offered, and who want to feel like they fit into the way far end of the spectrum, even if no one else ever knows?

So see how your masturbation habits stack up against the rest of your age group. And if it turns out you’re an outlier, congratulations! Keep up the good work (you’ll probably live longer).

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