October Horoscopes/ Mack & The Zodiac

Aries Rising / Aries Sun:

We’ve made it to October, Aries! September looks like it had you pretty busy, as you were asked to check in on yourself to see if you’ve been living up to the best of your abilities in regards to both your health regimen and daily work flow. October holds less structure in store, for better or worse, as Libra season primarily oversees your need to involve yourself in close personal relationships. Your ruling planet, Mars, leaves the precision driven sign of Virgo behind for peace seeking Libra on October 3rd. Mars is in detriment in Libra, which simply means the red planet doesn’t operate at its best capacity. Mars in Libra has an unusually hard time asserting itself, which can pose problems for you this month when it comes to seeking compromise- which you might be trying to doing a lot of! The Sun in Libra lights up the relationship sector in your life for the month ahead- your most intimate partnerships and 1 on 1s take on a more significant role. Single, dating, or married you’ll find yourself pouring more energy than usual into the conceptual or concrete partnerships in your life. Wherever Mars goes, you go- but like all of the planets, there are two sides to the coin. Mars as your ruling planet provides you fire, energy, power, and dynamic self-expression- but it also rules over strife, aggression, libido, and quarrels. Your love life can see either side of this scenario unfold in the coming weeks. You may find yourself hashing it out with partners as you work through the kinks of understanding partnership in a new light. Messenger planet Mercury moves out of the calm, calculated realms of Libra and into the dark and mysterious depths of Scorpio come October 3rd. Mercury here is likely to stir the pot for you mentally, as it moves into the area of your chart concerned with intimacy fears and vulnerabilities. Whatever relationship fruit you harvest during Libra season is going to through some serious re-examination once Scorpio is on the throne. On October 8*, relationship centered Venus trades in her flowy bohemian Libra wardrobe for all leather everything Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio encounters some uncomfortable territory, as the probing intensity and trademark possessiveness of the sign places her in detriment. Relationships hit some turbulence when Venus opposes erratic Uranus on October 12th- prompting us to break up what has gotten stagnant in our closest partnerships. This aspect tends to coincide with shake ups, break ups, and general excitement, unpredictability, and sometimes selfish behavior. Try to harness the fairness inherent in Libra energy to make sure you don’t go overboard. The full moon in Aries on October 13th puts all eyes on you. It’s likely to illuminate some tension in the “me vs. we” story that will be so prevalent this month. Use this full moon to become fully aware of the things you require as an individual within your partnerships. Now is the time to express yourself. This full moon is square Pluto, which deepens the emotional impact of this lunation. I would take it easy on yourself on the days surrounding the full moon, as you’re likely to come to some intense realizations about yourself, your body, and your experience of the self. If any health problems rear their head around this full moon, get checked out, as this lunation is pouring its potent energy into the physical vessel you inhabit, not only your sense of self awareness. Really not a great full moon for engaging in any physical risks to your body. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, deepening your course of action from partnership awareness into active partnership cooperation. Scorpio season for you will be about getting in touch with your shadow side. You might feel unusually vulnerable and psychologically driven to investigate your current mind state. Great month for journaling, tarot, getting an astrology reading or psychotherapy! The new moon in Scorpio arrives to truly kick off the season on October 27th and with its arrival develops a new narrative around cooperation in intimacy and financial sharing as well a profound awareness of your psychological under currents Scorpio seasons holds a sharp change in character for you, one you must tread through the dark waters of to attain Though this time of year isn’t always easiest for you, it’s worth doing a deep clean emotionally, so you can find a state of catharsis and release.

Taurus Rising / Taurus Sun: 

Autumn is upon us, Taurus and with it comes a new set of cosmic guidelines to lead us into the changing seasons. September saw you concerned primarily with issues concerning your children (if you have them), or feeling like a kid again, in the sense of experiencing pure, unadulterated fun. You may have over done it a little throughout Virgo season, eating and drinking to excess, partying, hooking up here and there. That’s what you were supposed to be doing, so worry not. Virgo season for you was about learning to have a good time again- as well as to engage with your inherent creative potential. Libra season is in full swing now, and with it comes a change of pace, from frivolity to focus. The month ahead encourages you to get reacquainted with your mind-body connection. Your exercise and dietary habits take center stage now, as you need to be fully aware of what’s going on beneath the surface post indulgence! This is the best time of year to get motivated towards a new exercise program, get back to the gym if you’ve been skipping, seek out a nutritionist, or go to the doctor for a general check up! When Mars enters Libra on October 3rd you’ll have all the energy, interest, and drive you need to actually make this happen. Your ruling planet, Venus leaves the lavishing realm of Libra behind and dives into the sensual depths of Scorpio on October 8th. Venus’ movement into Scorpio changes the goddess of loves temperament considerably. Venus influence in Libra throughout September had you charming, compromising, and seeking balance in all of your close personal relationships. Venus in Scorpio now asks you to lift the veil in your close relationships. Scorpio season rules oversees the sector in your life involved with marriage, committed relationships, and 1 on 1s. Her movement through this region for the month ahead will either have people gravitating to you or you gravitating to them, and when Scorpio is involved, polite and romantic surface flirtations no longer suffice. It’s time to sink your teeth into love, take the good with the bad, but really have a look. On October 12, lover Venus opposes rebellious Uranus, sending a shock to your system. Revelations strike like lightning around this day regarding your needs as an individual vs the needs of a partnership come into full view. Pay attention! This can also manifest as health problems coming into full awareness. If something comes up for you physically, please get it checked out, this type of aspect can electrify your nervous system. October 13th sees the annular full moon in Aries. This full moon is bound to be one of the more uncomfortable one’s for you this year, as it shines its revealing light into your subconscious. This lunation is best spent in isolation, surrendering, dreaming, or simply hiding away from the world in a restful retreat of your own. This full moon is exactly square lord of the underworld Pluto, beckoning you towards the hidden powers that lie dormant within your current emotional state. Libra season will have you so busy out in the working world, so this full moon comes along to sweep you away into a quieter, space less realm within the self. Its best spent in quiet reflection, as the days surrounding may be some of the more emotional, vulnerable ones. On October 23 the your journey towards inner connection moves into one of outer connection, as your pulled into the dynamics you experience with other people. Scorpio seasons asks you to tread quietly into the sacred space of partnership. Single, married, or coupled up- you’re likely to experience the temptation to work through partnership dynamics and unpack your own projections in the process. October 27 invites the new moon in Scorpio, officially kicking off your journey into better understanding yourself through the lens of other people. Make it count, because whatever you gather and learn this month gets put to the test in November.

Gemini Rising / Gemini Sun: 

Libra season is in full swing, Gemini, and you really earned the treat coming for you this month. September’s mission asked you to go down into the depths of your being on a psychological dig. What did you find down there? Did you yank out some over grown weeds from the basement of your soul? Your sense of home, family, and your emotional foundation were all at stake and you may have had to let something go to move forward. Libra season has you coming back into the light of day, though you might feel somewhat like Shadow in the movie Homeward Bound when he gets stuck in that mud pit and struggles to climb the slippery walls, but remember, he does eventually get out! Libra season is helping you get your footing once more, as you’re invited now to self-express and activate your creativity using your new found emotional fuel for fire. It’s time to smell the roses, fall in love, party, and enjoy beauty for the sheer sake of it. Libra season invites you to flirt with life, and by doing so a romantic POV seems to wash over you. If you have children, this month ahead can see you focusing on them even more so. Your ruler Mercury slides out of pleasant, conversational Libra on October 3d and trade in the small talk for some serious conversations. Your mind is penetrating at this time, and you’ll be able to tell your story with an uncanny sharpness and stark awareness of human nature. Venus moves into Scorpio on October 8, turning your focus towards smoothing out work relationships and finding harmony in your work life balance. The full moon in Aries comes full bloom on October 13, revealing to you the current state of your hopes and dreams, as well as the friendships and networks that support you. Can some dreams enter? Can others that gathered dust be rejuvenated once more? Are people entering and leaving your life at a rapid rate? All of this is on the table the days surrounding this lunation. Towards the end of the month, you’ll find yourself desiring to cultivate a sense of inner focus-health and work wise. This feeling comes in full swing when the Sun moves into Scorpio October 23. The new moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27, which really initiates this interest. You’ll best use this energy by getting yourself involved in a new exercise program, meditation classes, or focus on eating a little better for yourself. Scorpio season asks you to take care of yourself and to acknowledge any health problems that rear their head at this time. This is the best time of year for you to see a doctor and pay close attention to what’s happening with your body. Towards the end of the month, your ruler Mercury begins to slow his thinking and pace, and he stations retrograde on November 14. This retrograde will offer an extended thoughtful stay for you in the sign of Scorpio. Mentally and communication wise you’ll be seeking to go to the depths at all cost, so follow Mercury’s lead while he guides you over the bridge of rational thinking into that of the unhindered psychological.

Cancer Rising / Cancer Sun: 

Welcome to October, Cancer! Libra season is upon us and with its arrival brings some subjective, emotional circumstances for you to grapple with. Virgo season had you playing in the puddles of your mental and verbal realm asking yourself what was next to learn and how to better share your thoughts with others. Libra season beckons you inward now away from intermingling with others, into a very private, and particularly Cancerian, safe space. October may not be the easiest of months for you, but I guarantee it’s an important stepping stone in your year. Libra season asks you to move into the hearth and home. Away from the public eye and into your inner sanctuary. You’ll be much more of a homebody than usual this month, needing a lot of alone time to process the emotional sediment that’s being stirred at the bottom of your soul. The past, your family, your roots, and your sense of home are all on the table throughout the Suns time in Libra- so it’s best to sink your teeth into the stories of yesteryear (which you often already ponder!). Messenger planet Mercury slides into the sign of Scorpio on October 31, providing a little levity from some of the issues arising on the home front. Mercury this month gives you a potent creative voice. You may feel compelled to talk about sex, death, intimacy, and everything in between. You might also find your mind compulsively has a sexual agenda-as Mercury hangs around in the area of your life concerning love making, and Scorpio already has a natural inclination there. Warrior Mars leaves precision seeking Virgo behind for fair and just Libra on October 3. Mars in Libra for you stirs up some of your base issues concerning primal anger, aggression and self-assertion. You can find that quarrels around the home and family are also likely for the weeks that Mars spends in the basement of your psyche. You may feel driven by anger subconsciously and not know why. A great month for therapy! Relationship lover Venus slinks into Scorpio on October 8th and finds herself a tad more uncomfortable. She finds herself feeling less concerned with bonding and sharing and more interested in conquering and keeping! Try not to let her possessiveness run the show for you this month. She is however likely to show us a different side of our sensuality and sense of connection sexually- so this could be worth exploring. The full moon in Aries square Pluto on October 13 illuminates some sensitive, key issues between your personal and private life. Under this full moon you may feel unsure about your current career situation, asking yourself larger than life questions about your destiny in the long run. You may debate sharing yourself in the social media realms too- how much do you want to put out there vs how much do you want to keep self-contained? This full moon also highlights the parental axis in your chart, opening you up even more so to this feeling of awareness around the past. There may be some stories involving your parents, or your thoughts and feelings on them if they aren’t currently present. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, which begins to bring in some levity for you- as you’re air lifted out of the darkness of your subconscious and brought to greener pastures, ones that concern themselves with romance, sexual encounters, and creative expression. These themes truly get brought to life when the new moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27 prompting you to explore new avenues of experience. The best utilization of Scorpio energy for you will to allow yourself to dive into the world of your senses. Have fun, make art, throw a party, have sex The Sun’s time in Scorpio wants you to build a creative platform with what you transformed and became aware of in Libra season. 

Leo Rising / Leo Sun: 

October is here, Leo! It’s that quarter of year that you come around to yourself- honing in who you are as an individual, what you have to offer resource wise, and how you verbalize and share the vision of who you are. Virgo season had you mulling over your money situation pretty heavily. You may have had to make some spending calls on yourself as your attempted to re organize your ability to spend, budget, and save. Your personal resources were heavily highlighted, money aside you may have also encountered some of your very own natural skill sets- remember just how potent and useful your inherent talents are. Libra season pulls you away from your awareness of your sense of self-worth and now asks you to verbalize it. It’s a highly mental season for you, one where you’re asked to deeply evaluate how you speak, what you say, and how you share these thoughts with people in your immediate environment. Libra season is likely to bombard you with communication awareness, perhaps in the form of mishaps with others, a slew of texts that you feel overwhelmed by, or ideas you wish to put pen to paper on. It’s time to journal, chat, and share your heart of hearts. October 3 sees communicator Mercury move out of light hearted Libra and into the caverns of Scorpio. Scorpio oversees the most vulnerable part of your chart, a subconscious realm that we can only attempt to tap into the root of Mercury has a long stay ahead here, as he does turn retrograde by the end of the month. Your thoughts might disturb you, as Mercury pries open some of the chests you would have rather kept close. Time to empty it all out, emotionally. Self-assertive warrior Mars moves into Libra, the sign of his detriment, on October 3. This shift will have you feeling like you don’t have to fight or hustle for your income anymore, but now it pours its aggressive energy into your speech. You may be more sharp tongued than usual and have a lot of mental energy for the weeks ahead that Mars hangs out in Libra. Be careful not to burn any bridges! You’re also more prone to fall into quarrels with both neighbors and siblings, interestingly enough, so keep an eye out of that too. Lover Venus moves into the sign of her fall, Scorpio on October 8. She beckons you into the dark, asking you to look at love from a subterranean point of view. Follow her into the tunnel of love. You’ll find she asks you to pour some love into your home life, your sanctuary, yourself. The full moon in Aries arrives on October 13 and it’s a tough one for everybody. For you, it shows a crisis point in the way you think about life. Big picture vs the little things. Visions of what could be vs. what is. Let yourself dream the big picture dream. This also may coincide with stress and awareness around school and studying, as it lights up the part of your chart concerned with education and knowledge. We leave Libra behind for good when the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 and really becomes initiated with the Scorpio new moon on October 27. Although it’s likely be rather emotionally provocative, the Scorpio new moon asks you to walk through your own fire, to address your past, your earliest foundations, and your relationship to your parents and family.

Virgo Rising / Virgo Sun: 

Libra season is in full swing. Virgo! You’ve had a busy month, and it was likely very self-involved in the best way possible for someone like you who is always doing things for other people. You may have questioned your identity, your mask, and your self-expression in a big way, as you were challenged to reinvent yourself. Libra season turns your focus away from you as an individual, and guides you to your finest inner resources. Part of your natural talent is knowing when to compromise and how to find a fair and balanced leveling out with other people. Libra season highlights two main concepts for you- your self-worth and the reality of your current resources and financial situation. Money will likely become a paramount focus for you this month, as you try to reconfigure your spending practices. Great month to try to tackle credit card debt or open a savings account! Generally speaking though, Libra season will have you accessing all of your natural talents-art making, music, dance, writing, compromise, seeking relationship. You might fall into one of your old creative kicks and be happy with the realization that you so much untapped potential. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will dip out of light and fluffy Libra and moves into deep and dark Scorpio on October 3. It’s going to be an interesting month for you mentally, as Mercury will be turning retrograde at the very end of the month. You may consider picking up a new study, or even revisiting an educational interest that you’ve put on the back burner. Since Scorpio rules the realm of your mind and communication, you’re likely to come across with an unusually piercing directness in your environment as well. On October 8″ Venus moves into Scorpio, putting love and relationship front and center on your mind. You’ll find yourself mulling over relationship, sex, intimacy-doing the deep dive into love and craving its intensity. You can also find yourself attracted to taking on a new study at this time. You can also write and speak with some very potent, beautiful words the next few weeks. Use it to your advantage creatively! The annual full moon in Aries arrives on October 13*, and is bound to be a hot one. It lights up an uncomfortable area of your chart where relationship pain and trauma tend to hide out in the shadows. You may feel extra vulnerable around this full moon, so take it easy on yourself on the days surrounding. The full moon is also in a tense aspect to emotionally uprooting Pluto, prompting you to seek emotional transformation around your values vs. what you value in relationship. This full moon can bring your demons into the light of the day, so seek out some support with good friends or schedule a therapy session or two around this lunation. Scorpio season begins towards the end of the month, on October 23 propelling you into your immediate environment. Communication becomes the name of the game. Are you up to the task of fully expressing yourself now? The new moon in Scorpio on October 27th creates a new narrative around your mind and voice and how you use them. Take up a new study now, go to class, write in a journal or a blog. Your mind is likely to be overflowing with some emotional revelations- so get them out of your head and onto the page! No ones a better writer than you, after all Virgo!

Libra Rising / Libra Sun: 

Welcome to October, Libra! It’s your time to shine and it’s never been more deserved. Virgo season had you hiding away from the world- getting the solitude, rest, and reflection that the cosmos had asked of you to seek. In this period of isolation you may have shed some old skin or come into contact with the parts of yourself that tend to hold you back Now, with Libra season in full swing, it’s time to burst unabashedly out of your spiritual cocoon, back into the real world. It’s all eyes on you now as you stand center stage in the middle of your own universe. The suns mission for you this month is to get you back in touch with yourself in a physical tactile way. You need to focus on yourself right now. If others are vying for your time and attention, send them away, as you know one of your best skills (and bad habits) is to focus too much on everybody else. Take the time to honor yourself. Focus on your needs, wants, and personal self expression. Get a glow up, go shopping, change up your look if that makes you happy. After this month has passed, you’ll be graced with a new understanding of who you are in a larger sense for the year ahead, so make the most of it and really try to tune into your own needs. It’s a cosmic new year for you, so set some intentions on who you want be! On October 3, Mercury slides into Scorpio, turning your mind towards your values and financial resources. Money on the mind! Not a bad thing, as this is merely a preview of what Scorpio season will be all about for you. Your ruling planet, Venus, encounters some exciting aspects this month. When I say exciting, I mean you can expect the unexpected! Venus will move into Scorpio on October 8 and consequently finds herself in a stand-off with erratic, rebellious Uranus in Taurus. This aspect can have a multitude of side effects. Inherently, it creates a need for shake ups. Relationships can undergo some ups and downs, surprises, changes in affection and rules. Venus rules your 1* house of the body and your 8h house of intimate relationships- so both of these realms can experience the volatility of Uranus’ need for a breaking up of stagnation. Pay close attention to your physical vessel at this time and don’t take unnecessary risk to your body! The full moon in Aries comes to life in your 7 house of partnerships- revealing to you the current state of your relationships. What goes unspoken between you two? What do you need to address? Your emotional awareness of the bond you share will be intensified by Pluto squaring the Sun and Moon. Pluto asks you to go below the surface in partnership and to allow the charged up emotions to explode. Sounds scary, but it may be necessary for releasing some hidden tensions. If you’re not in a relationship at this time, you can find you have a keen awareness of what it is you want out of one. A well thought out criteria, if you will. Scorpio season kicks into high gear when the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23- and the new moon truly initiates this new chapter come October 27. Scorpio season oversees your personal finances and resources. What talents can you further utilize to enhance your income? What spending practices need some re-evaluation in your life at this time? Scorpio season will unearth all of it, in due time!

Scorpio Rising / Scorpio Sun: 

You’ve made it to the end of your personal cosmic year, Scorpio! It may feel like winter in your life right now, that hour just before midnight on new years eve when you’re anticipating the count down and getting ready to welcome in a brand new cycle. In that hour before though you have much to mull over, much to assimilate, to put behind you, and that’s what this Libra season is all about. Though you can smell and sense new opportunity just over the horizon, you still must walk the path to attain it. Libra season rules over the 12 house in your chart- a kind of psychological closet where things we don’t want to deal with get stuffed into. It’s time to clean out the closet. Isolation, reflection, retreat, relaxation are primary goals this month. 12 house energy can have us wanting to hide out and not socialize, and this is very much encouraged as you may encounter moments that you’re really going through it this month. You may find some stuff in this emotion laden closet of yours that you really didn’t want to see again. Throw it out or keep it? Yours to decide. Libra rules over your 12, so relationship issues and artistic expression get caught up in this hazy space as well. Where do you self-sabotage in relationship? Communicator Mercury leaves the 12 house behind on October 3 and slides into your 1 house, which oversees your personality and self-expression. Mercury will help you better articulate yourself in the coming weeks, helping you define who it is you’re going to be in this new year. Your ruling planet Mars may be causing some trouble in the back of your mind after the new years moment. Mars moves into Libra on October 3. Mars struggles to get things done for himself in Libra, as he comes too concerned with his partner. This could be part of working through some of the self-sabotaging behavior associated with your Libra ruled 12 house. Don’t bend over backwards and try to seek some compromise. Lover Venus moves into Scorpio on the 8, lighting up your house of the self. Suddenly you become very attractive to everyone around, where you may have felt like no one has seen you for the last few weeks. Venus will be Scorpio for a few weeks so use it to your advantage to give yourself a glow up perhaps a hair cut or shopping for a new aesthetic. Do you thing! You emerge from isolation on October 23, when the sun moves into your 1st house. You’ll be hard to be missed at this time, as its all eyes on you, like it or not. You come off great with Mercury and Venus traveling in this house, increasing your charm, intensity, and passion in your exchanges with other people. The new moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27, granting you a brand new opportunity to fully flesh yourself out for the year ahead. Who are you now? What are your new needs? Use this new moon to set intentions around opening yourself to your most authentic self. It’s time for you to do you.

Sagittarius Rising / Sagittarius Sun:

 Welcome to October, Sagittarius! Virgo season was a wild one for you, as you poured so much energy into the direction of your career and destiny. Now, with Libra season under way, it’s time to make your dreams a reality. Libra season imbues you with the desire to create new goals around your hopes and dreams for the future, something you’re naturally really good at! You’ve been in a very public position lately, involving yourself with others in order to move your mission forward, but now at this stage of the cycle, you’re in the process of returning back to yourself and away from the demands of relationship and work. This is a month for dreaming up new opportunity and trying to see it through. The answer is accomplishing your vision is by turning to your closest allies, your friend groups and social networks. Reach out and see what the people around you can help you with, networking wise! Your friends hold the key to reaching success in your endeavors. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has found itself a in a bit of doozy the last few weeks, as its been squaring Neptune. You may have incredible visions, but be worried that they’re just delusions. Trust the vision! Just work on getting the groundwork down. This square also prompts us towards escapism, spirituality seeking, and relying too much on drugs and alcohol to help us reach nirvana- so try not to overdo it as your physical vessel feels very sensitive at this time. Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 3, beginning the process of pulling you into your subconscious. Mars moves into Libra on October 3d as well, helping you pour the needed energy to get out into the field of your social contacts. This can also symbolize quarrels and disagreements that can get fired up in the coming weeks with your friends and groups, so don’t push them too hard or you’ll wind up with a spat on your hands. Venus dips into Scorpio on October 8, which really makes you want to hide away from the world. Scorpio season will be asking you to go deeper into yourself- through the means of intense emotional reflection and isolation, which might be hard for you to accept at times since you’re usually quite the go getter socially. The fiery full moon in Aries arrives mid-month on October 13, shining its emotional awareness into your house of romance, sex, creativity, and children. This full moon can be a potent one creatively for you as you may have a lot of energy to get working on your new vision. It’s also likely to be a sexy full moon- pent up with some emotional sexual catharsis thanks to pluto’s square to the lunation. You never know how its gonna go. Could be a romantic melt down or some awesome sex- maybe both are in store? Either way this wont be one that you wont notice on an emotional level. The sun enters Scorpio on October 23 and the new moon arrives for the real initiation of the season on October 27. This new moon asks you to develop a new narrative around your connection to source and spirituality. It also asks you to learn surrender in a new way, as well as becoming aware of how you self negate in opportunity

Capricorn Rising / Capricorn Sun: 

October was made for you to shine, Capricorn. This is the best time of year for you to be showing the world just how much of an ambitious, hard worker you really are. Libra season rules over the 10 house in your chart- the one concerned with your public image, reputation, career, and ultimately destiny. You may be busy introducing new facets of yourself out into the world. If you’ve been wanting to launch a new project, there’s no better time than now. You’re at your most public, so whatever you put out into the world now is bound to be noticed. Career is on your mind more than ever. You might be asking yourself “What’s the next step? Where do I go from here?”. If you’re a little more private about your need for career success, you might experience this Libra season is making you too public. Perhaps you’ll pull away from the demands of the world and find yourself in need of some privacy. The full moon on October 13° is likely to highlight just that, as this illuminating source of light shines into your most private, subjective part of your chart. This full moon is a potent one, and with its intense rays asking you to look at your early emotional foundations, it’s likely to feel a little uncomfortable. I suggest you stay home in your sanctuary on this full moon, as you’ll be feeling super private and vulnerable at this time. On October 3, Mercury moves into Scorpio and Mars enters into Libra. Mercury in Scorpio sinks your mind into your psyche, but what it really wants to do is have you question your goal setting skills. Mars in Libra will have you pouring energy into your career long after the Sun moves into Scorpio- so you won’t be totally out of the spotlight even once Scorpio season begins. You might even experience Mars in Libra as some minor quarrels at home and at work with parents or authority figures! Venus slides into Scorpio on October 8, seeking depth and intensity of passion in her close partnerships. Venus will be doling out good times to you and your friends throughout October, as she sweetens the area of your life where your allies and friendships lives. Your network of people becomes increasingly more important as the month carries forth. Remember that if you’re feeling overwhelmed all that’s expected of you. The people around you have your back now more than ever. Scorpio season kicks off when the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23* and things really get started with the Scorpio new moon on October 27. You’ll feel drawn to revisit your hopes and dreams now. Allow yourself to imagine new possibilities for your goals. The heavy career month taking place lends itself to some reframing and introspection on this level so this should come quite easily to you. 

Aquarius Rising / Aquarius Sun: 

Aquarius, you’ve made it to October! Libra season will be decidedly less emotionally provocative than Virgo season was for you, which must be quite a relief. Virgo season asked you to take the deep dive into your subconscious feelings around real intimacy and vulnerability within your close partnerships. It also reminded you of your mortality, fears, and psychic wounds. It wasn’t easy territory to navigate, but the work you put into getting to know your shadows will help in the month ahead. Libra season rules over your sense of integrated wisdom and your belief system. You arrive now stronger than ever after having treaded through those dark waters, and now that you’ve transformed the things you came face to face with, it’s time to update some of your new beliefs about yourself. Libra season encourages you towards an education of the self-through the lens of spirituality, philosophy, classes, or travel. It’s time to do something totally brand new to refresh yourself and your way of thinking about life. It’s the perfect month for taking some classes or escaping to somewhere you’ve never been. If you can’t get away, try to pick up a book at the library that can help you transport yourself and your POV. On October 3, Messenger planet Mercury plunges headfirst into Scorpio, tipping the scales of your thinking towards that of your career and reputation. Scorpio oversees the part of your chart which is in the most public view, which is a little contradicting as Scorpio energy would prefer to work behind the scenes. Venus follows suit on October 8, moving out of her beloved sign of Libra and into Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio can make relationships go to some profoundly deep levels, but can also prompt us towards feeling excessively possessive and compulsive around our loved ones. She’ll spend the next few weeks lighting up your career, so use her magnetism to her fullest extent when it comes to working with authority figures or putting yourself out there. The annual full moon in Aries arrives on October 13. This full moon is a highly mental one for you- expect your mind and your speech to be intensified around these days. You might have some revelations around the little things in your life- communication, emails, texts can all be charged now. Try to make sure you don’t send something that can burn bridges, because you’re likely to spit some fire without really meaning to! The suns entrance into Scorpio on October 23 fully shifts your thinking away from the realm of the mental and abstract and towards that of your tangible destiny. Things really get going for you once the new moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27. This new moon is one of the most prominent for you all year, as it offers an opportunity for you to develop a new way of chasing your career goals. Use this new moon to put yourself out there in a most public sense. It’s a great time to share yourself in a new light.

Pisces Rising / Pisces Sun: 

Libra season is upon us, Pisces! Virgo season had you running in circles around your partnership dynamics. Working out the kinks, talking things through, making new compromises- yet, alas, your work in the realms of the other are still not done. In fact they’re only just beginning to truly deepen. Libra season gives you the homework of really moving into a vulnerable state when it comes to your relationships. You’re being asked to examine your relationship to sexuality, intimacy, and general relationship fears that you usually kept behind closed doors. It’s time to put it all on the table. If you’re single going through this time, it’s more likely that you’re examining some shadow sides of yourself that stand in the way of attaining real closeness in relationship. Phobias, compulsions, psychic wounds all come to the surface of your interactions now. It’s best to have a good hard look at them and see what’s driving some of these projections from below. If you are in a relationship, it’s an important time to be real with your partner. Money might become a point of contention this month as well, so try to just remain open to this sometimes difficult topic. On October 3, Mercury moves out of Libra and into Scorpio, beginning to shift the balance ever so slightly. You’ll find your mind is hungry for new stimulus now-provide it with books, classes, travel, anything to get it going! Venus follow suit and leaves Libra for Scorpio on October 8th- there she feels a little more comfortable in your chart- as she is likely to attract you to new endeavors of thought, nevertheless she’s still in Scorpio which leaves a taste of sharpness and probing intensity around your relationships. Warrior planet Mars moves into Libra on October 3 as well, which signifies some battles going on in your subconscious as you deal with the new information that arrives through your intimate partnerships. The sun moves into Scorpio on October 23- and the new moon in Scorpio arrives on October 27. This packed Scorpionic energy moves you out of the darkness and into the light once more. It presents a new opportunity for a re-evaluation of your belief systems- your way of thinking about yourself, life, and relationship. Whatever contents you transformed and acknowledged throughout Libra season will be ready to be integrated into your new way of thinking. This Scorpio energy is happening in your 9 house- the sector of your chart concerned with higher education and foreign travel. Get out somewhere new into the world if you can- as this is one of the most refreshing possibilities to help you integrate your new way of thinking about life. If travel isn’t an option, maybe your thinking of signing up for a class to deepen your understanding on something that interests you? Whatever it is that calls you, follow it!

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