November Horoscopes/ Mack and the Zodiac

Aries Rising / Sun:

You’re really in the thick of it, Aries.  Scorpio season is bound to be a little uncomfortable for you, as it asks you to focus your efforts on the people in your life, something thats not always easy for you, as you know best how to take care of yourself. The month ahead sees you diving into the things that drive you from your core. Your psyche beckons you now, and you must heed the call in your signature brave way. Intimacy, sex, and exploring your vulnerabilities in relationship to others is all on the table this month. You may not feel much like yourself as you’re busy uncovering parts of your personality that you’ve kept stowed away from the world. The first few days of November are likely to be trying for you, as your ruling planet, Mars, squares off to the king of the underworld, Pluto. Open aggression, ego battles, and power struggles are all likely to manifest. Your assertive ability and sex drive are also intensified emotionally, and your ability to lift the veil on real intimacy will be enhanced. Use it wisely and be cautious of burning any bridges, as you can easily fly off the handle around these days. This tension is at it’s peak on November 5th. The Full Moon in Taurus arrives on November 12th and highlights your capacity for sharing yourself openly with others. If you’re in a relationship this lunation can make you aware of what you contribute to each other. A potential review of how you share your resources together is also likely. Things can get messy on this full moon, as emotionally charged retrograde Mercury is tightly tied into the configuration. This retrograde really takes you on a mental journey into your understanding of relationship and it could be an emotional ride. This full moon will illuminate both your values and your potential, in and out of relationship, but will do so in a way thats not always light and fluffy. Prepare to take your torch into the dark night of the soul. Things will ease up around November 19th, when your ruler Mars leaves indecisive and other-oriented Libra for sharp and incisive Scorpio. Mars acts much more comfortably in the sign of the Scorpion, as he is co-ruler of the sign, which should help make things a tad easier for you to move forward. Mercury stations direct on November 20th, which can help bring some clarity on the rather intense material you dug up throughout the month. Turn your focus towards integrating the shadow side of yourself, as that will prove most productive throughout Scorpio’s time. Mars finds himself in one final entanglement on November 24th, when he opposes rebellious Uranus. You may feel a little crazy and electric on the days building up to this opposition. You crave excitement and a break from the norm during this period, but be sure not to go overboard. Be careful with yourself, as this could be an accident prone time for you as you’re acting extra erratic!

Taurus Rising / Sun:

Welcome to Scorpio season, Taurus! Theres nothing quite like spending time in the sign of your opposite. Scorpio likes to get into the nitty gritty details of life, all the muck and mire. While you normally rather hang back on the hillside and let life be what it is, not longing to dive into the potent emotional atmosphere that Scorpio generates. This month asks you to move into the unfamiliar for you- to open yourself up to the taboo, the strange, and the deeply vulnerable. You’ll be diving headfirst into your understanding of partnerships, trying to figure out how you can have your needs met and also how to better honor your relationship. Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into bright and go-lucky Sagittarius on November 1st. Venus in Sagittarius will take you on a journey through the current terrain of your relationship status as well as your relationship wounds. A powerful full moon in your own sign of Taurus arrives on November 12th. This full moon sheds its light onto matters of your individuality, self expression, and physical body and health. Under the luminous spell of the Taurus moon you may see yourself clear as day. You may finally get some clarity about yourself that you’ve been needing and feel better suited to express to your partner. If you’re single throughout the month, you may have partnership on your mind, or will have ex’s trekking back to you with this Mercury retrograde in your house of partnerships. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from one or two! Choose wisely about who you actually want to let back in, if you do at all! Break ups and shakeups are all on the table this month, so be open to what change needs to enter for you. You’ve been going through so much of it lately, so why not keep clearing the path if your relationship has run its course. If you feel its still worth fighting for, then this month will only help intensify and strengthen your bond. On November 14th, your ruling planet Venus makes a dizzying square to Neptune, complicating your newfound plans to move forward. Its an aspect intended for dreamy acts of escape- film, fantasy, music, your choice. Watch out for the flip side, which is illusion and delusion in relationship matters- which this month are on high alert for you. On November 24th, Venus and Jupiter cozy up by the fire that enthusiastic Sagittarius has lit for them. You may be feeling larger than life, breaking free from restrictions, expanding yourself in new avenues.  This is a highly creative day for you and and have you feeling harmonious for the first time in awhile. The new moon in Sagittarius kicks off on November 26th, providing you new opportunities to take things to the next level in your relationship. You’ll be able to confront your demons around intimacy, phobias, and shared resources now. Good luck out there!

Gemini Rising / Sun:

The month ahead holds some work in store for you, Gemini. You may be coming down off the high of Libra season, having found yourself needing to let go and indulge yourself in some simple playtime. Its rightfully earned after that tough Virgo season! Scorpio’s time with you though has other ideas, as now your goal shifts away from pleasure and fun towards duty and service. Scorpio season oversees the part of your life where work and health become primary concerns. This is the best time of year for you to develop a new health and exercise regimen. Your job environment, coworkers, and workload take on some extra potency this month- so try to make the most of it. You’re currently able to work much more efficiently and focus on trimming the fat in your routine. This Scorpio season also asks you to hone in on your day to day outside of work. Can parts of your routine afford better time management? Your ruling planet, Mercury, is taking you for a backwards dance through your current job situation and health problems as well due to his retrograde. This retrograde is bound to bring back some unpleasantries, and its best to show up and take care of them, as this month really pressures you to complete your obligations responsibly. Old issues at work may resurface and need fresh insight to deal with. You may also experience some health issues and dietary concerns that require your attention. Take note of your body during this retrograde as your health is very much highlighted now. Not in a scary way, but in an important and illuminating way. Mercury will station direct on November 20th, helping you move forward once more with some new clarity on how to both better serve your body as well as the people and tasks in your life. November 12th sees the arrival of the Full Moon in Taurus, shining its beaming rays into one of the most private areas of your chart. This moon may be an emotional one for you, as you long for retreat, escape, and release from your current emotional state. Honor your need to hide away privately from the world to process. The New Moon in gallant Sagittarius emerges on November 26th. The cosmos intention for you towards month end is to begin building a new story around relationship in your life. Sagittarius season will deeply oversee how your interworking with partners mirror ongoings within yourself.

Cancer Rising / Sun:

Welcome to Scorpio season, Cancer! Scorpio season goes a little easier on you than the rest of the zodiac this go around, but its definitely a bit of a mixed bag energetically. Scorpio season activates your need to play, to self express, and to fall into romantic rendezvous. Your creativity is at an all time high during Scorpio season, so take advantage by getting back into what you love to do. Messenger planet, Mercury, is currently moving retrograde through the area of your life that concerns your creative & sexual affairs. Its a great time to revisit any creative projects that you’ve left on the back burner, as well as romantic affairs too! You’re more prone than anyone this month to have ghostly lovers from the past re-emerge into the light of day. Be choosy about who you want to let back into your life! The Full Moon in Taurus comes burning bright through the night on November 12th, and this lunation is tightly tangled up with the current mercury retrograde story. This full moon sheds awareness on your current social circle. Friends, allies, and the groups you involve yourself with take on an extra involvement during this time. This is also the best full moon of the year to get in touch with your awareness around your current set of hopes and dreams. Make some room to dream with this full moon. Reach out to the people in your circle and see how they can help you accomplish what it is you dream of doing. The days that see the most tension for you this month are spread out, for better or worse. November 5th holds some tension from the extremely potent Mars/Pluto square- you may find yourself in a power struggle between your partner and your home life. Buried aggression seeks an outlet and is primed on this day, so try not to do anything you might regret. Mars enters Scorpio on November 19th, turning your energy away from fighting battles at home and towards fighting for what you love. Expect your sex drive to be heightened for the few weeks that Mars sticks around in Scorpio, and you may also fall into some squabbles with lovers too. The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th asks you to move away from leisure time and to lean into your workflow. Both your job and your health will take on extra importance during Sagittarius season, so use this new moon to apply yourself towards taking care of yourself and others.

Leo Rising / Sun:

November is summoning you to do some dirty work, Leo. Your ruling planet, the ever shining Sun, is currently moving through Scorpio, calling you towards the darkest version of yourself. You find yourself hiding away during November, busy with going deep into your heart to find what lies beneath. Your life story needs revisiting and your foundation could use some fixing up. The only way to course correct from here is to time travel backwards into your past. Mercury’s retrograde though the area of your life concerning your home and early psychological conditioning should be an interesting one. People who have helped you lay the foundation of who you are and who you’ve become are increasingly important right now. Summon your family. Hang out with old friends. You won’t feel much like getting out this month, and you may even find you don’t have much to say. Your attention greatly turns toward your home life this month. You may feel extra sensitive, private, and self concerned- all of which are normal for you this time of year. The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th highlights the clean divide between your public and private life right now. It may feel like whatever you do to get ahead just isn’t working out the way you wish. This lunation can illuminate what hang up are keeping you from achieving the success you so desire. In order to mine this gold, you have to be willing to sink down deep into your core. Cry it out. Write it out. Talk it out with a therapist. You have to be willing to do the work, even just to sit silently with the messages that comes up. Its not time to shine yet, and the full moon may bring out your hurts and fears around the future of your career and what you imagine for yourself. I promise next month you’ll be feeling better and more on top of your game. This season is for pulling out the emotional overgrown weeds that surround your foundation at this time. Mercury stations direct on November 20th, which will help bring some clarity around your current emotional landscape. You’ll be doing some tough work this month, but what you wind up taking away from it will be worth the work.

Virgo Rising / Sun:

Scorpio season is upon us, Virgo! Hope your shoes are laced up, because this season is gonna have you SUPER busy running around your neighborhood. Errands, short trips, and all forms of communication are what take precedence for you during this time. Out of all the other signs, you’re most likely to encounter some major miscommunications this Scorpio season, due to your ruler Mercury dancing backwards through the zodiac and creating some mayhem in the part of your life concerned with how you communicate. Your voice, your thoughts, and your way of combining the two to share with the world is super important to you this month. You crave to learn something new so let yourself head to the library on one of your many journeys this month. Expect your phone to be blowing up, especially from old ex’s and people you used to have very close emotional ties with. Choose wisely which bonds you wish to heal from and who you wish to let back in. This is an excellent month to start journaling or to get involved with a mental/writing project that you’ve left on the back burner for quite sometime. You have the added potency of Mercury in Scorpio to help you dig out the raw forms of your own voice now. Your mind may lead you down some dark tunnels, even into your pre-verbal memories. Pay close attention to your dreams and any slips of the tongue.The Full Moon in Taurus is tightly conjunct Mercury retrograde on November 12th, which will dip you full-fledged into the ongoings of your mind. This full moon for you is all about the big picture view of life. How can you incorporate all you’ve gathered and now begin to build upon it? Your philosophy on life and what you know about it is being pressured to change right now, so open yourself up to a new way of thinking. Education and travel plans take precedence throughout the month. Mercury stops in his tracks and moves forward on November 20th, signaling a go-ahead with any plans you may have been chatting about with those around you. Since Mercury is your planetary ruler, his change in direction may feel a little dizzying to you, but you know his zigzagging movements better than anyone, so follow close on his heels to see where he leads you. The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th encourages you to move away from your contacts and closer to your inner circle. Family, home, and your the roots of you origin beckon you now, as you begin to craft a new story around where it is you came from and who you grew up with. It’s time to hide away and nurture yourself at months end, so honor your need to retreat and phone home.

Libra Rising / Sun:

Scorpio season is in full swing, Libra, and it’s asking you to take a closer look at how you manage your assets. This month ahead has you scanning through your banking apps, as you learn to better balance your current financial situation. Mercury is currently doing his backward jaunt through the area of your life concerning your finances, which could mean some serious money ups and downs on the line for you. Pay close attention to what happens with your spending, saving, and budgeting as the month progresses- as money mishaps are more likely than ever. When Mercury retrogrades through this part of your chart, its not the best time to give out loans or help bail people out in any financial matters. Play your money close to the chest. Your ruling planet, beauty-loving Venus, makes many venturesome aspects throughout the month, ranging from disillusioning to expansively inviting. Venus slides into fiery, adventurous Sagittarius come November 1st, leading you further into the realm of your mind and communication. You may be hungry for knowledge this month, but with the money stresses taking place, the possibility of signing up for a class can be daunting to you. Its best to learn on the cheaper side now, perhaps by going to the library or scanning the internet’s abundance of resources to dive a little deeper into what interests you know. Sagittarius rules over the part of your chart that sees how what what you communicate and share with the world, so it’s likely your desire for knowledge, spirituality, and interconnectedness penetrate your mind at this time. Feed your hunger, but don’t involve yourself in any fancy retreats or further your debts. On November 14th, Venus finds herself in an intoxicatingly dreamy square with Neptune, which can lead you to some serious inspiration mentally/dream wise- but can also be disillusioning in it’s process. Your words come out a little wonkier on the surrounding days of this square, so be extra careful with the information you wind up sharing- especially around the office. The Full Moon in Taurus shines its exquisite light into the part of your chart that most deeply concerns itself with intimacy, emotional vulnerability, and sexuality. This is one of the most uncomfortable full moons of the year for you, so take it in stride and be easy on yourself. Your psyche is hyper active now. The New Moon in Sagittarius closes out the month on November 26th, which gives you the green light when it comes to sharing the new information your mind digs up this month. Mainly, this month is about getting in touch with your own internal value system, so pay attention to your inner voice above all.

Scorpio Rising / Sun:

All eyes are on you, my Scorpio friend-which all in all, you typically don’t adore. You value your privacy, steadfastness, and ability to pierce through any bullshit that lies in your path to truth. This month, the Sun’s glorious bright light illuminates your typically shadowy, cavernous world of the self. Your hot on the market this month- as everyone is gonna want a piece of you and is likely to test your patience. This month asks you to come back to self. Have you fallen off track in your relationships? Giving too much to everyone else around you and not enough to yourself? The Sun is here in your season to remind you that its time for a hard dose of self love. It’s time to honor just how resilient you’ve been this year. The month ahead is about paying close attention to number one in all aspects of life. You’re coming out renewed, after a month of hiding away from the world, (a little more so than usual). This moment is your personal new year for the month ahead, so try to make the most of it. Mercury is currently retrograde in Scorpio, which means he’s retracing his steps through the part of your chart concerning just you. Your body, your health, and your self expression are paramount during this mental backtrack. Health problems that rear their head during these three weeks require close paying attention to, as your body is more susceptible under Mercury’s eye. Another area of life thats likely to rear its head is relationship, as you the individual are highlighted during the time- so your relationship follows. The other vs. you. Your relationship vs. yourself. How can you learn to honor both, while not letting the other down? Important material to process and ponder during this rather emotional, and deeply pensive retrograde. Mercury will station direct on November 20th, so rather than resort to feeling full of woe- try to actively engage with the thoughtful messenger during this period. Let him show you yourself once more, in the most raw and potent of lights. The Full Moon in Taurus bursts through on November 12th, highlighting your most intimate personal relationships. Their can be crisis in your close partnerships now, as you’re becoming well aware of your own story and your own needs, in ways that may have not been acknowledged in years. Try your best to talk to you partner about these new revelations. If you’re single, this full moon could make you quite relationship prone out in the world, and even if nothing happens- you’ll walk away with a new respect for your needs and expectations of what a partner should and shouldn’t be. The New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on November 26th, shifting your focus away from yourself and towards your most prized resources. This new moon gifts you with the intentions to cultivate a new narrative around your individual financial situation, your talents, and your value system.

Sagittarius Rising / Sun:

Scorpio season is in full gear, Sagittarius, and for you it means taking a little time out to process your life behind the scenes and away from the crowd. You may not feel exactly like your normal buoyant self this month ahead, as something from deep inside beckons you to carve out a quiet space for some alone time. Scorpio season for you is about retreating, hiding out, and releasing some of the unconscious baggage you’ve been collecting through out the year. This month really concludes your own personal new year, so once Sagittarius season begins, you’ll be stepping into a new year head of personal growth. For now though, you’re at the final stage before anything new can begin- and honestly it may be a bit of a doozy thanks to Mercury’s dizzying retrograde through this area of your life. You may have to deal with repressed and difficult material rising to the surface for some heavy processing. Mercury will station direct on November 20th, putting an end to hit backward movement and helping you move forward with clarity. This is a great month to be in therapy, do some journaling, or go on a retreat by yourself. It’s time to cultivate a stillness and a silence for you to have a platform for some inner work. The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th takes you out of your place of surrender for a brief window, and illuminates how you’re currently dealing with the ongoings in your day to day world. This full moon could shed light on a health problem, work, jobs, exercise, or diet. Pay close attention to your body with the energy of this full moon, as the vessel you inhabit is running extra sensitive here. Sagittarius season begins officially on November 22nd with the Suns ingress into the sign of the archer. Sagittarius season will light you up, leaving you feel renewed and ready to tackle your new year ahead. The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th gives you the green light to step into a new version of yourself and to begin creating a new story in your life around personal self expression, identity, and handling your health and self in relationships. Sagittarius season is all about the vision quest that follows emotional turmoil, so know that if this month feels rough at times, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but do the work to ultimately reward yourself. An extra special day for you this month will be November 24th, when your planetary ruler, Jupiter conjoins beauty loving Venus. With this conjunction going down in the part of your chart concerning the self, people will really pick up on your magnetism and charm so use it while you can!

Capricorn Rising / Sun:

November has begun, Capricorn, and fortunately for you Scorpio season oversees and lends a hand to some of the important things in life. The month ahead is about getting in touch with your deepest hopes and dreams, reaching out to your friends and allies, and connecting yourself to humanity at large. October was likely a career heavy month for you, as you may have been overwhelmed with a situation at work. Now, with the workflow beginning to slow, it’s time to hone in on goals you hold for yourself. This is the most ripe time of year for you to take on a new project and involve yourself with moving forward trying something new. You’re likely to be inundated with messages from old friends and people of the past this month as well, with Mercury currently sliding backwards through the zodiac in his retrograde. Out of everyone in the zodiac, you’re most likely to run into or hear from people from your past- old friends, old coworkers, old lovers- you name it! They’re back. See whose worth keeping around, as this month is about paying attention to the resources you have within the group. Its the time of year to connect to the friends you may have lost touch with and wish to see again. People in your network hold the key to success when it comes to moving you forward with those new goals you’re working on. The Full Moon in Taurus rolls around on November 12th, tipping the scales for just a moment, moving you away from awareness of the groups you inhabit towards the spotlit stage that you put yourself on. This full moon nudges you towards your creativity, self expression, your children, and the romantic affairs in your life. Some important relationship illumination can arrive under the spell of this full moon so be sure to note your emotions on the days surrounding. Venus moves into Capricorn on November 26th, the same day as the New Moon in Sagittarius. Venus will help out here as this new moon is bit of a tricky one to navigate. Venus will be at her strongest all year for you, lending you her powers of magnetism, charm, and charisma for the next few weeks so use it to your advantage. The New Moon in Sagittarius will ask you to work on a new story about surrendering, letting go, releasing, and retreat- all areas that can be a little difficult for you, Cap. Take it easy on yourself at months end, you’ll need the rest.

Aquarius Rising / Sun:

November is here, Aquarius, and what a wonderful time of year it is for you. Scorpio season just happens to be when you’re out at your most public to the world. Your career takes on added importance this month, as you’re venturing to figure out what the next step is in your profession. Mercurys current retrograde through the area of your life concerning your career, public standing, and performance can be an interesting one. You can expect your involvement with your work to have some ups and downs over the next few weeks as Mercury slowly encourages you to move backwards and reassess some things that may have slipped through the cracks. You’re at your most public for the month ahead, so its a great month for self promotion and pushing your agenda forward- despite Mercurys retrograde. Mercury wants you to pay attention to the differences between your public vs. private life and to make sure you honor both before moving another step forward. So if you go around denying your emotional foundation this month you can expect things to get a little gritty. You can expect some of your projects and forward movements to encounter some delays, but don’t fret. Mercury will station direct on November 20th, leaving you with some sharp new insight about how to move forward in your current career conundrum. Venus will help sweeten the deal all month as she moves through the area of your life concerning your allies, awards, and honors. So even if things feel a little chaotic on the job front, Venus will makes sure you get the help you need from others in your circle. The Full Moon in Taurus arrives on November 12th turning your eye away from your concerns with your most public self towards your most private. Emotional issues can arise concerning home, family, or your roots. This is a good full moon to stay at home and to take care of yourself under. Get in touch with your family, cook your favorite meal, do it the Taurus way! Things begin to shift when the New Moon in Sagittarius rolls around on November 26th which prompts you to begin building a new story around friendship, and your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Sagittarius holds good things in store for you, but to get to the rewards that Sag holds is to move through the current work/home crisis thats on your plate. I believe in you!

Pisces Rising / Sun:

Scorpio season is here, Pisces! The month ahead has you diving into the world of “what-ifs” as you begin to envision a bigger and brighter future for yourself. Knowledge, spirituality, dreams, and philosophy of life all become important for the following weeks. It’s a great time to travel if you can, as your spirit longs to wander and explore more now than ever. Mercury’s current retrograde through the area of life concerned with “what I know about life” can take your for a bit of a spin mentally. You may revisit old projects you’ve begun or be thinking about going back to school again, as education feels ever more important lately. Some kind of journey is underway for you- be it in the world or in your mind, and you must let Mercury guide you so you don’t wind up totally lost. The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th momentarily takes you back to earth as you find yourself inundated with emails, texts, and phone calls. The details of life catch up with you and you may be scrambling to keep your schedule from falling apart around the full moon. Mercury being retrograde in your house of long distance journeys is bound to make any travel plans a little wonky so be prepared to give yourself extra time and patience if you’re on the move. Mercury will station direct on November 20th, leaving you with a new emotionally enriched philosophy on your life, but unfortunately you’ve gotta do the work to earn it. The New Moon in Sagittarius emerges on November 26th, elevating you to a new status as you work towards sharing what you’ve learned with the world. You’re at your most public come Sagittarius season, for better or worse! This new moon allows you to dive into your career and work situation headfirst, so let the new story unfold for you and be open to new opportunities during Sag season that can help pave the path for you. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the same day as the new moon, granting you charm and magnetism to the masses. Months end promises the best time for self promotion in your given field, especially after the retrogrades conclusion. You get an extra boost this month when lovely Venus conjoins with your ruling planet, Jupiter, on November 24th. This is an extra special day to put yourself out there, as you have some serious charm going for you and have a wide open heart. Use this day to your advantage! It’s bound to be a good one.

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