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August 2019 Horoscopes by Mack and the Zodiac 

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Read the horoscope associated with your rising sign if you know it, as it’s tailored to your chart and is likely to be a more accurate depiction of your life. You can also read for you sun sign if you don’t know your rising, as sun sign horoscopes provide a big picture outlook on life.

Aries Rising / Sun:

Welcome to August, Aries!  You survived the eclipses, which were most likely rather emotional for you, as you found yourself hiding out in your own world, relearning the value of your home life and nurturing yourself from the ground up. Leo season is upon us, and it’s sure to be breath of fresh air for you. You’ve been working so hard on your emotional foundation, and now Leo season is here to encourage you to build something truly creative upon it. The month begins fresh on the heels of the NewMoon that occurred July 31st. Leo season oversees your 5th house, which activates your need for creative self expression, sex, romance, and a sense of play. You may feel like you’re brimming with creative potency, and now is the time to act on it! It’s simply a time to enjoy the finer things in life and get back in touch with your inner child. On August 15th, the annual 
Full Moon in Aquarius highlights your awareness around the groups in your life. Your friendships, activity groups, and social media network may take on a particularly strong role around this time, as your concern and awareness of integration with others takes precedence. Mars, the warrior planet, moves into Virgo on August 18th. Mars in Virgo increases your ability to work long hours with focus and drive towards any work or exercise goals this month. Mars in Virgo will also sharpen your need for precision and workplace efficiency. You really have the ability to tackle some goal this month, so don’t hold back if you’re feeling inspired. Venus follows suit on August 21st when she too moves into Virgo. Venus in Virgo has a bit of a tough time, as she finds you digging through the details of your close relationships. You may feel a little more critical or partners at this time, in an honest attempt to help, but be cautious not to overstep. The Sun catches up and slides into Virgo on August 23rd. This Virgo season will have you overseeing your mind/body connection and your ability to activate your work place efficiency. Month’s end sees the New Moon in Virgo culminate on August 30th. This new moon provides you a beautiful opportunity to create and sustain new health/diet/exercise goals, as well as aiding you in your current job situation. If you feel anxious, as often Virgo season can do, get active and sweat it out! It will help tremendously.

Taurus Rising / Sun:

We’ve made it to August, Taurus! With the emotionally jarring eclipses and Mercury retrograde now behind you, a new chapter begins to unfold. You may have found yourself running in circles mentally throughout Cancer season, but fortunately for you Leo season is here to provide a sense of restoration and retreat. The month kicks off with the New Moon in Leo from July 31st. This new moon speaks to the tone of the month ahead, which for you will be one of emotional restoration, inward focus, and paying attention to your home and family. Leo season, while it burns bright and seeks to creatively self express, for you it’s a call to come home and express yourself there. Maybe you wish to redecorate or spruce things up a bit? Or maybe you wish to work on a personal project? The best place for you to cultivate any source of creativity now is in the comfort of your home.  You may feel more quiet and internalized this month, as you find yourself focusing on your emotions, your family, and your psychological foundations. Get in touch with your inner child now, as they may hold the key to some of the turbulent emotions that arise for you. The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 15th, offering you some piercing insight into your career, reputation, and your destiny. While the majority of Leo season for you is about nurturing yourself and embracing your private emotional foundation, on the full moon you find yourself concerned your most public self. This full moon is conjunct your ruler, Venus- which brings you even further into the fold here. You may realize now that in order to reach the career heights you so desire, you have to first make sure your roots are strong at the base. Mars, moves forward into Virgo on August 18th, allowing you to hone your energy and drive into your self expression and creative interests. Venus chases Mars into the Virgo playground on August 21st, and with her forward movement comes a change in tone around our relationships. These two co-mingle on August 24th in a sensual conjunction, and for you specifically this will be an ideal day for some fun with a partner or by yourself. Venus, your ruler, in Virgo seeks to purify your close relationships by removing barriers that we’ve unconsciously built around them. Try not to pick the other apart though, as she has a tendency to do that in Virgo. The Sun eventually catches up to speed and moves into Virgo on August 23rd, signaling that it’s time to get down to business and start cleaning up the excess that Leo left in it’s wake. The New Moon in Virgo takes place on August 30th, and for you begins to unfold a new story about love, creativity, and play ahead. Perhaps some sensual romance awaits you in Virgo season? Enjoy it!

Gemini Rising / Sun:

Welcome to Leo season, Gemini! You may still be feeling a little bit dizzy after Mercury’s retrograde dance in July, but fortunately Mercury (your ruling planet) is back in direct motion and heading forward into Leo. August should be considerably more enjoyable than the perils encountered in July, as your primary focus this month is one of your favorites- the mental realm! Your mind and desire to communicate will be potent this month, as August begins with the energy of the New Moon in Leo that took place July 31st. This new moon has you curious about life, about what comes next for you and what you can learn and share with the world. It’s a great month for taking a class in something you’re interested in, or just generally catching up on all the communication that may have gone awry last month-(missed phone calls, scrambled emails). You may find that people are reaching out to connect with you nonstop this month and that you may be very busy running trips around your neighborhood! The annular Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 15th and shines it’s light into the arena ruling over the big picture vision of your life. You may find yourself pondering the larger things in life while trying to balance out all of the little details. This full moon questions your beliefs on life- ones that may be outgrown can come into conflict with outmoded ways of thinking. Challenge yourself to reframe your mindset now and attune it to a new perspective with the help of spirituality or philosophy books or classes. A different tone comes into play on August 18th, when energizer Mars, leads his army into the basement of your psyche this month. You may find yourself pouring energy into getting organized and doing deep cleans around the house, perhaps in an attempt to actually purify something happening on an internal level. Your emotions and ability to express anger may be more difficult to access with Mars sneaking around your subconscious. Venus follows suit, moving into Virgo on August 21st. You may be privately reviewing your emotions and relationships from the confines of your home. You may not feel like partying or getting out as much when the Virgo parade begins, as you’re likely to feel much more at peace taking a break from the social aspects of life, and if anything perhaps just throwing an intimate hang at your place would be best as you’re bound to be feeling a little more insular when the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd. The New Moon in Virgo arrives on August 30th, creating an opportunity for you to begin building a new narrative surrounding your home life, relationship to family, as well as building a connection to your emotional root system.

Cancer Rising / Sun:

Welcome to August, Cancers! The eclipses may have left you feeling battered and bruised, but truly beneath the rubble, you’re a diamond in the rough. The emotions, memories, and barrage of psychic experiences that took place in July opened you back up to yourself and to your most personal relationships. You were forced to have a good honest look at yourself and acknowledge the parts of you that crave renewal. It’s time to take what you learned and put it into action, and fortunately the New Moon in Leo that took place July 31st is here to help. This new moon is here to help you focus on your value system- both inherently as an individual and financially/resource wise. Leo season will find you reacquainting yourself with your natural talents and abilities, as well as having you pay close attention to the ins and outs of your bank account. The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 15th and illuminates subconscious findings connected to intimacy, sexuality, as well as cooperation and resources that you share with a partner. You may be unsettled by the ongoings happening in the corners of your mind around the full moon. Embrace the deep dive, for what you find is bound to be of use to your current growth spurts. Mars leaves the lion’s den and moves into Virgo on August 18th. Mars in Virgo will pour energy and assertion into how your communicate and express yourself this month. You may be sharper with your words than usual, so be careful not to burn any bridges! You may also find you have a lot more verbal energy as well and you may desire to seek an outlet. Virgo loves to write so this transit could be a great opportunity to get words on paper. Venus moves into Virgo on August 21st, and her main goal will be to help us mentally relate to our partners. Venus in Virgo wants us to be of service to our partners, and connect mentally, but can stifle us when it comes to emotionally natural responses and tends towards criticism of them. The Sun follows suit, moving into Virgo with the rest of the crew on August 23rd and the New Moon in Virgo occurs on August 30th. This new moon will shift you away from your money concerns and more towards your mental pursuits. The beginning of Virgo season will see you chasing your curiosity towards new things to learn! Go forth!

Leo Rising / Sun:

Happy August! We’ve finally made it to the most wonderful season of all, at least for you, lovely Leo! You had it a little rough during July, with the eclipses and retrogrades conjuring up memories and asking you to hide away from the world to rest and restore. Fortunately, Leo season is all about bursting out of the cocoon you had so carefully placed yourself in for restoration and solitude. It’s time to come out and greet the world! The New Moon in Leo that took place July 31st sets the tone of the month ahead as one for you to fully express yourself in. You’ll be hard not to notice this month, as you seem to have a radiant glow to you! It’s time to focus on your needs and your purpose as an individual. A new part of your personality is begging to break forth. Help yourself clear the way by honoring and showering yourself in self love and care, for when the Full Moon in Aquarius comes on August 15th you’ll suddenly be pulled into a deep awareness of your close personal relationships. If you’re looking to start a new relationship, this month bodes well, as you have Venus and Mars trailing through Leo, making you both active and magnetic. If you’re in a relationship, this full moon may shine its luminous rays onto the present situation between the two of you with some clarity. Mars leaves Leo for Virgo come August 18th, which will begin to turn your attention and energy towards your financial situation. You may start building goals around the ins and outs of your bank account or feel a need to earn more aggressively. You may also start to cultivate some of your talents that have laid dormant for awhile, as Mars taps into your natural resources in Virgo. Venus joins the party, entering Virgo on August 21st, heightening your earning power and helping you to focus on your talent of working in service to other people. Last but not least, the Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd. Virgo season really kicks off with the Virgo New Moon on August 30th, which creates a powerful new story happening around your money situation and your personal resources. It’s time to pay attention to how you budget, save, and spend and perhaps develop a new way to do all three!

Virgo Rising / Sun:

Welcome to August, Virgos! It’s nearly your time to shine, but first the cosmos suggest that you have a little bit of inner work to do. Leo season for you isn’t the easiest time to navigate, but you can make it lighter on yourself by pulling back from your workload and focusing on moving inward. You need to relax, restore, and hide out in solitude from the rest of the world now, as you may be running on empty and have some discovering to do in your subconscious. Treat yourself to a break from work now and hide away from the world, doing what feels good to you simply because it brings you joy. The New Moon in Leo that took place July 31st began a new narrative for you around surrender vs. discipline, and right now for the month of August, the answer is surrender! The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives a few weeks later on August 15th, bringing to culmination an awareness of your mind/body/spirit connection, your health, and your workflow. You may hear news about your job, have revelations about changes in exercise or diet, or work to discipline yourself around producing an organized work schedule- all of which can prove a helpful revelation in getting you on track for the upcoming Virgo season. Mars ditches the confines of Leo for Virgo on August 18th, which begins your forward motion towards self expression after a month of cocooning. Mars will light up your personality, making you a little more assertive than usual and giving you a sense of fight in the world. You may start to feel your energy revive itself now. Shortly after, Venus moves into Virgo on August 21st, bringing a bright, magnetic quality and attractiveness to you that only comes once a year! Use this time how you wish, but you’re making a great impression on people now, as long as you don’t come on too strong with Mars’ presence! The full commencement of Virgo season begins on August 23rd, where collectively we turn our minds towards our work ethic, minimization, and purification. The New Moon in Virgo kicks off on August 30th and creates a powerful new story unfolding around your sense of core identity and personal self expression. This is a great time to begin a project that has a distinctly personal feel to it! 

Libra Rising / Sun:

Hey Libra! Welcome to the dog days of summer. You had a lot of change unfolding around your career and home life over July, and it may have been exciting, overwhelming, or both! Fortunately it’s time for the cool down and a shift in focus, as the New Moon in Leo that occurred July 31st has new plans in store for you. This new moon has you focusing strongly on the social networks in your life- be it friend groups, associations, or humanity at large. Your focus during Leo season finds you connecting to your community. July was a month centered around your career and destiny focus, so you may find that August has you dreaming up new possibilities and goals to accomplish. Write them down!

The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives a few weeks later on August 15th. This full moon has you full force honing in on your creative ability, self expression, and the romances in your life. This is an awesome full moon for a date, as you’re craving some sensual erotic goodness right about now and you’re gonna be extra bright and attractive with your ruler Venus cozied up next to the Sun. Use it to your advantage! If you’re not feeling in the mood for romance, it’s also a great opportunity to make some art, music, or poetry. It’s all about learning to have a good time around this full moon, so embrace your need to PLAY! On August 18th, Mars moves into Virgo and Venus follows suit, moving into Virgo on August 21st. Mars and Venus will be trekking around in your subconscious throughout Virgo season, which can feel a little uncomfortable, as you reacquaint yourself with issues of yesteryear that may have been buried away. Anxiety, overworking, and over-worrying are all likely to swim around in your mind during this time, as Virgo season requires you to take the backseat and hide out for a bit. The Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd, officially signifying the time for you to rest, relax, and restore yourself away from the business and demands of the outside world. You desire a connection to the spiritual now and a feeling of escape, so honor that to some degree. The New Moon in Virgo culminates on August 30th, gifting you with a new narrative around your approach to work flow vs. surrender in your day to day.

Scorpio Rising / Sun:

Welcome to August, Scorpio! It’s a big month ahead for you. Cancer season had you trying brand new things and dreaming up possibilities for yourself. Now, with Leo season in full swing, the spotlight is on your career and reputation. The New Moon in Leo that occurred  on July 31st is cooking up a new narrative around your destiny. You may be deep diving into making plans for who you truly want to be and what you want to be doing with your life. Job changes may be waiting in the wings for you or at the least, moments of career development and revelation. You’re at your most public and noticeable in Leo season, so you’re likely to catch the eye of someone in your field if you put yourself out there. The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 15th and its shining it’s revelatory light into your most sensitive, emotional foundations. This full moon reveals to you your current home situation, your relationship to family, and the inner workings of your mind and emotional state. You may be feeling very insular and private come mid month around the full moon. Perhaps you have to sort things out at home and reacquaint yourself with your emotional foundation. A great day for a therapy session, as you’ll have piercing insights into your subconscious. On August 18th, Mars moves into Virgo and Venus follows shortly after, moving into Virgo on August 21st. This pair of planets dances through the part of your chart that oversees your connections to others in your community. You’re likely to be busy making connections and appealing to new friends and people in your life. The sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd which sets you off on a very social month ahead. Expect to be busy running around and making like-minded connections with other people! The New Moon in Virgo arrives on August 30th and blooms a new story around your relationship to your friends and your most heartfelt goals in life. Virgo season for you will be primarily about discovering your hopes and dreams and making concrete plans to go after them, while also connecting yourself socially to others to bounce ideas off of and form a sense of belonging in a group.

Sagittarius Rising / Sun:

Hey Sagittarius! You made it to August. Looks like the eclipses may have really taken you for a spin into your subconscious and had you clean out the emotional skeletons stowed away in your closet. You may have had to face some of your own demons in the dark of your mind or deal with the reality of the give and take in a close relationship. It was all worth it, because Leo season holds a brighter vision in store. The New Moon in Leo took place on July 31st and with it came a new seed being planted in the soil you tilled throughout Cancer season. This new moon will help you dream the dream, envision where you want to be. You’ll question your belief systems, or challenge yourself by trying something brand new, by travel or education. You may feel compelled now to throw yourself into a totally unknown space, a favorite past time of Sagittarius! If you can make travel plans for this month, I would suggest you take yourself up on any little adventure. All of this envisioning of the bigger picture and pondering of life’s next move will meet its’ opposite end on the Full Moon in Aquarius come August 15th.This full moon will have you busy running around your neighborhood and dealing with the more mundane details of life that may have slipped through the cracks while you were out exploring. You may find you have an influx of emails, missed calls, and texts to respond to. You’ll be sharing yourself with a new voice now, as you’ve had time to transform and refresh yourself through the recent month.  On August 18th, Mars moves into Virgo and Venus follows suit, moving into Virgo come August 21st. This movement brings your energy and magnetism into the spotlight of your work and career situation. You may start to feel the rumblings around your destiny begin to shake and shift as little revelations begin to come to you around what you want to be doing with your life. It’s not until the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd that you really begin to hone in on your destiny. Virgo season sees you out in the public eye, almost hard to miss. Opportunities are likely to arrive for career advancement when the New Moon in Virgo hatches on August 30th. Be sure to make some intentions for this one, as you’ll be primed for some new career and destiny awareness. 

Capricorn Rising / Sun:

Welcome to the dog days of summer, Capricorn! Cancer season was one for the books, with the eclipses and retrograde activating your chart like crazy. A relationship story was likely unfolding in a big way, as you re-examined your connection to a partner or started to recognize your own projections on others out in the world. Leo season asks you to take it one step further now, which may seem daunting at first, but in the long run is worthwhile. The New Moon in Leo that took place on July 31st gets August up in running, and this new moon for you will be opening doors to your psyche, your vulnerabilities in relationship, and your shared resources. If you’re in a relationship, a new story is beginning around how cooperation works in relationship as well as how you two share your money and pool your resources. You may be approaching closer intimacy by treading through some deep and taboo topics together. If you’re single, you may have a better idea of what you wish to achieve out of your close personal relationships going forward. It’s also possible throughout the month to go through a funk off and on, as you find in general you’re taking a very psychological approach to life. You’re tuned into your own demons, phobias, hang ups and compulsions. Sit with them and try to understand if you can. It’s a great month to begin seeing a therapist as everything feels like it’s stirring just beneath the surface. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes to fruition on August 15th. This full moon highlights your individual resources, both financial and inherent to you. You may be keenly aware of your current money situation and what you need to do to get things on track. If your money is feeling alright, it could also be that you’re delving into your natural resources, like your talents and abilities. Maybe it’s time to engage with some of the talents you’ve put up on a shelf and take them for a spin. Leo season is all about engaging with your inner child, so this could help in the transformation phase you’re moving through. On August 18th, Mars moves into Virgo and Venus follows suit, moving into Virgo come August 21st. Mars will be pouring energy into your desire to travel, to learn, and to connect to your life on a grand scale. Venus is somewhat less potent here, as she tends towards fault finding in her close relationships- which wont help in the long run of the closeness you’re attempting to achieve with others in your orbit. Try not to criticize those close to you too harshly! The Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd, activating your desires to experience something brand new in a big way for the month ahead. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30thwants you to  dive into your connection to the unknown. Learn something new! Go somewhere foreign if you can!

Aquarius Rising / Sun:

Welcome to August, Aquarius! Cancer season was a bit of a doozy for you, as you may have been scrambling to get yourself back to a better mind/body/spirit flow as well as potentially spill some focus onto your health and current job landscape. The New Moon in Leo that took place on July 31st kicks off August with a burst of energy in the realm of your most intimate partnerships. This new moon speaks to the month ahead being one about working with “the other” vs “the individual”. It’s time to incorporate another into your plans. If you’re single and looking, this is the time to put yourself out there. If you’re in a relationship, this provides an opportunity to look at the inner workings of your partnership and see where you can continue to develop and grow together. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes to bloom on August 15th and it shines its spotlight of awareness into your house of self, the individual. You will start to parse apart the differences between you and those closest to you, as well as observe the projections that both are putting out there. You may come to realize your needs and your identity more fully, or what you need to do in order to become more of your authentic self. On August 18th, Mars moves into Virgo and Venus follows suit, moving into Virgo come August 21st. Mars and Venus may stir up some emotional/commitment/phobic substance, as they trek around in the corners of your psyche. Your desire nature may be more on fire too,  as you are seeking a love relationship that is intimate and vulnerable. You may feel like the relationship you crave needs a sense of authenticity that has been unreachable for you before. Work to create that reality! It does require stepping into some of your own dark places though. The Sunmoves into Virgo on August 23rd, which begins your initiation into a stage of transformation. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30th really kicks off this deep dive into the psyche, as you find you’re looking at the world through a hyper psychological view point and may feel drawn to explore sexuality and intimacy much more closely.

Pisces Rising / Sun:

You’ve made it to August, Pisces! The eclipses and retrograde may have been quite a rush for you, as lovers from the past appeared out of thin air and creativity spilled out of you in all endeavors. You wined, dined, partied, had amazing sex, made art. You did everything you were supposed to be doing! Alas, here comes Leo season and the focus is now to clean up the excess of that last month encountered. The New Moon in Leo that occurred on July 31st sees you concentrating your energy on getting your body and mind back aligned. Your interest in serving others becomes strong under this new moon, as you seek new creative ways to be of service to your community through your own unique way. Your concern throughout Leo season primarily is to make sure you’re eating right and getting your exercise on, as otherwise health problems can tend to rear their head at this time. The Full Moon in Aquarius comes to fruition on August 15th, and it lights up your need to escape the mundane reality we all are subject to. Your desire for isolation is strong now and you may seek to relax and restore yourself in peace. You may encounter some sensitive material in your psyche on this full moon, as it shines into your 12th house, ruling over ways in which we blindly self-defeat ourselves. In Aquarius, part of this self defeat may come from feeling different and removed from others, or a need to rebel for no good reason. On August 18th, Mars moves into Virgo and Venusf ollows suit, moving into Virgo come August 21st. The movement of these two planets moving into Virgo begin to move away from self care and routine and more into partnership stories. If you’re in a relationship you’ll see you’re pouring a lot of energy it, and with mars there it can also be a bit of quarreling. Venus treks here too though, sweetening and inviting a relationship to grow closer and more personal. Mars and Venus form a sensual earthy conjunction on August 24th, a great day to plan a date or get freaky on, as when these two planets get together they’re known as the lovers. They stir up quite a bit of passion when together, so it could be one of those fights turn into make up sex kind of days too! The Sun moves into Virgo come August 23rd, beginning Virgo season for good, and honing your focus in fully on partnerships and intimacy. The New Moon in Virgo arrives on August 30th, signaling a new seed being planted in the arena of your partnerships. What story do you want to tell? One of growth, change, closeness? Its all in your hands.

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