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Neptune in Pisces Retrograde – Thoughts On

Written By: Leo Alexander 


“It’s called forth by music.

It is the enemy of deceit arrogance and resentment.

It’s the water of life.  

It burns without consuming and it’s a blinding light.” 

  • Jordan Peterson

When structures of man become corrupt nature, is there to renew the land.  Over time groups become self serving and no longer serve their purpose.  Religion has a host of of symbols that people and the priests have forgotten the true meaning. They take the symbol as literal and lose the metaphor.  Spiritual practice and worship performed in this manner is like running MS Dos on a 486 PC to type a document. Sure it can work but it’s not with the times! Clearly their are more efficient ways.  A word I would use to describe Neptunian objects and principles: “spaciousness.” Carl Jung foresaw this collapse of culture in a dream he had as a child. Young Carl witnessed a boulder land on top of a church.  To literalize sacred objects makes them lose their spaciousness and numinosity; it crushes their spirit! A church with a boulder on top of the structure lacks space. Eliminating space also cuts us off from the renewing waters of life.

The flood of emotions serve a sacred purpose however, they point to the path of redemption.  Redemption requires movement, emote means to be moved from within. Without these living waters moving us our actions are empty and lack substance.  If our collective imaginations have been barren we may need to cooperate with the forces of renewal and dive into the flood that Neptune brings up. The easiest way to create space is dissolve false boundaries created by self delusion and deception.

We may think we are drowning but could be deluding ourselves by our own fears and confusion.  Check out this video of Stern Show Staffer JD Harmeyer almost “drowning” in the pool after a wild ride down a water slide.  The illusion is exacerbated by the flood of emotions that fog our vision and blind us to our neurotic habitual patterns.  In JD’s case what does not knowing how to swim have to do with standing up?

Negative emotions like anger, lust, grief or sadness are heavy and dense.  Sometimes we need to experience sadness and more negative emotions in order to assimilate a new impetus and approach to the world.  Our unconscious instincts and intelligence reorient us in an unknown direction. These emotions lead to salvation or imprisonment. Is the new direction and opportunity or a threat?

If we ask a question we may just get an answer. The language of the unconscious waters come to us in symbols and dreams.  Asclepius the god of healing would provide the people with the healing art of dreams.

Neptune rules Pisces, the house of redemption and self undoing.

If you feel yourself coming undone, take note of where you are sensitive.  Write it down, examine it by yourself or with someone.

What are the symptoms of self undoing?

Carl Jung spoke about inflation.  Inflation is where we puff up in a certain area that highlights a weakness in our personality structure.  In Spiritual Materialism Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche talked about ego inflation as the phenomenon of “mad yogi disease.”  This is part of the spiritual path. A tiny bit of ego disillusion leads to waters of madness or a hyperinflation of ego and our underlying nature by spirit.  This happens when the nature of discursive thought identifies with spaciousness of the sacred objects. The mad yogi confuses and exaggerates the illusions of ego and the underlying personality defects are revealed.

“Things are transformed one into another according to necessity, and render justice to one another according to the order of time.” – Anaximander The Greek

What does it look like an event occurs backwards?  This question was asked in Carlo Rovelli’s book on quantum mechanics The Order of Time.

Events happen normally and we don’t notice. Sun goes from the east to the west.  When something un sequentially happens we take notice. If the sun began to rise in the West, we could postulate that the earth has come undone.  I posit that times people act in peculiar ways that the collective pays attention to are one way in which people come undone. For example OJ joining twitter to start chatting about the Kardashians.

What’s the cure and practice to cooperate with self undoing ?

Be here now.  The practice of presence is through mindfulness and meditation.  In meditation we create spaciousness. When we develop patience with our suffering our compassion gets stronger.  Compassion is a muscle to be able to sit with one’s own suffering. Compassion translates to sit with suffering.

If that sounds like hard work, it is.  That’s the realm of Saturn and Capricorn, the lofty realms of the transfiguration.  To identify and recognize our own patterns can be boring but that’s the point.  Together the energies point the way towards the path of mastery of the material and spiritual realms.  We have to become like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. In order to redeem ourselves we have to see the pattern and properly be able to respond to the situation.

To strengthen the muscle of compassion we need to dissolve the ego.  Once when asked about ego Chogyie bellowed, “ego is a lie!” With less egoist defenses, we can become less of a nuisance to ourselves and others.  By understanding and relating with the thoughts, images and patterns in our minds.

Dreams are a way of relating to the unknown within our lives.  When we see repetitive dreams they hold more meaning and importance.  Our dreams are an attempt to paint the picture of the unconscious. Included in the unconscious is all things that are unknown.  To incorporate the content and energy of the unconscious that’s trying to be embodied through us. This type of content can take on a life of their own and often possess us.  Sometimes this type of unconscious content can foreshadow future events of a collective nature.

I had a dream OJ was fist fighting a zombie mob but did not have the tools to do it.  Then OJ gets on twitter a few days later. When we learn how to interpret our dreams like Joseph, we can even develop the ability to forecast upcoming events.  Like Joseph people can come out of prison to rule empires. How does one apply these type of skills in the real world in great change? Could this be an omen that OJ is destined for some success by standing up to a mob?  Is this a sign of OJ trying to undo the harm he has created to society and his family?

Accused murderers like OJ still have innate value in them.  Our constitution was founded on the idea of inherent liberties of the individual.  We do not forgo these liberties by going to jail. Evil exists in the world. If we think OJ embodies all the evil in the world as we go to mob him on twitter we are dearly missing the mark.  To quote Morgan from the walking dead “we all can change.” The OJ trial could symbolize a breakdown of our system. Yet we all have participated in this breakdown by participating in the glorification of celebrity. The sensationalism of this type of media and business practices that have enabled it has rotted the quality of discourse in our country.  When people confront their malevolent nature within them, we have the opportunity to build a relationship with our divinity. On the chance people do get away with murder there’s a greater wrath that awaits them. So the mercy of man leads to a divine justice. The justice that comes through repentance and redemption.

The relationship with our own malevolence can transform.  Transformation occurs when we have realization like, “I may have done harm in the past and I know what I’m capable of.  The force that stops me from committing harm to myself or others through a piercing awareness, what is that? Could that force be the grace be God?”

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