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Saturn Pluto Jupiter – the rise of finance transformation

Ecclesiastes 9:11


“The race is not to the swift
Or the battle to the strong
Nor does food come to the wise
Or wealth to the brilliant
Or favor to the learned
But time and chance happen to them all”

Since 2008 Pluto has been in Capricorn this has led to a near financial meltdown of the global economy. Toxic assets burned through the holes of many banks. It ate right through the ground and no one saw it coming. Capricorn rules systems such as; banks & institutions while Pluto rules wealth and debt.

Since 2008 the financial system has been going through massive changes underneath the surface. More specifically in January of 2009 the first bitcoin transaction happened. Now bitcoin is “popping “along. Is it a bubble like the banks that came dangerously near collapsing or is it the plutonic crisis they have been avoiding?  The crisis that the system was too complex and rotten and deep changes need to be made.  Pluto again, rules wealth as the process of acquiring wealth is happening underneath the obvious or behind the scenes, Pluto change rarely makes its self predictable & loves the hidden.

I’m not suggesting to go blindly invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum or any of the many crypto currencies. I’m merely saying to become curious about crypto currencies and the underlying technology Blockchain.  Blockchain is an accounting revolution worthy to note, the last time we had an accounting revolution was during the printing press . I’m actually putting my money where my mouth is to focus on and have been investing my time money and energy into this emerging technology for nearly the past 2 years.  Accounting also led to the creation of the Medici bank.  The notably famous Medici Family were able to loan money and thus create the merchant class ,thanks to the ability to keep books and accounts on debt for the bank.  Bankers would then  be able to loan the merchants the money when they made a compelling case for their right to access funds and the ability for merchants to compute and calculate profit.  Profit was originally a way to discuss value.

Saturn rules definition.

Pluto transformation.

Jupiter expansion.

Change in our banking and financial system is currently being transformed and about to grow.  I believe Facebook’s Libra project will be a pioneer as a catalyst for banking of the unbanked.  There are many people in countries without access to banking where an opportunity for them to participate in the global economy as a merchant or consumer will be possible. Take Zimbabwe as a perfect example of how this could be beneficial to a country suffering a cash crisis, without even a country currency of their own, (currently they use the USD) although as of this post, are invested in developing their own to combat a major shortage of resources.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

“Wisdom makes one wise man more powerful than ten rulers in a city.”

So if you have been getting your bones crushed the past 11 years you are ahead of the curve and are prepared for these two and half years when Saturn is in his own house.

The Capricorn archetype does not fear broken bones or skimmed knees; but lives for it.

Why does the Capricorn archetype live for the risk?  With the risk, their character is tested.  When Saturn transits a house sign and planet, he takes something away.

We run out of money. We lose ourselves. We lose our job. We find ourselves unrecognized for all the work we do. We lose our friends.  Our relationships go silent.  We move neighborhoods.  We are forced to downsize our homes.  We lose our wellbeing.  Our beliefs are tested. All are possible during this type of Saturn transit.

It’s easy to be nice when times are going well but when things get rough and resources scarce that’s when the real Teaching of Saturn occurs. The areas of our life that represent the sign and house goes under a supply shock for 2.5 years.  From Dec 20, 2017  -until Dec 17, 2020 ,Saturn will be home in Capricorn. On the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 there will be a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

The message here is work within our time and limits & you will find where there is a will there’s a way.  Let the world make the choice for you.  When Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter come together it’s going to be a test of endurance, time and strong will.

In order for us to handle the wild changes about money, value and stocks that is imminent for a restructuring it is necessary for us to do our whole duty with due diligence and do it well.

Saturn rules the laws of physical manifestation, laws of karma as well as the laws of economy. One of the principles of economics is supply and demand. When the supply and demand meet, we find an equilibrium price.

As an example the price of lead of was low throughout most of the industrial revolution. It was a worthless metal. Then one day the atomic bomb was invented, x rays, gamma rays and the hallidron collider at CERN. As the demand for lead went up and the price for lead went up.

The increase for the demand and price of lead began around the time Pluto was discovered and the atomic bomb was invented. During this time Carl Jung was studying and translating very old manuscripts in alchemy. One of the ancient formulas for alchemy is to turn “lead into gold”.  So, we can derive and suppose Pluto as the catalyst that turns lead into gold.

The great news is we have a choice in the matter.  The choices may not seem initially very good but it’s in times like these character is built.  Unimaginable pressure of a situation gives us the opportunity to access the transcendent function.

We can change our hearts at any given time. However in order for our hearts to change we have to allow ourselves to experience the full embodied breakdown we have been putting off for so long.  The key to sacrifice is getting rid of what we don’t need in order for something we do need. As the saying goes an empty hand is able to receive. Lessons of right use of resources are what make Capricorn a conservative sign.  Conservative principles have lost its original meaning of conservation, unfortunately now it’s overly politicized.

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, said in an interview that the opportunity gap is gigantic crisis in our country.  Capitalism works when there is the possibility of sustainable upward mobility.  Below is an excerpt from this article.

Well, I think one of the things is to make sure that capitalism works for the majority of people. To look at the bottom 60% of the population and use that as metrics to say, “Is that improving or not?” And how do you approach that wealth gap? It’s not just a wealth gap. I think that more important than the wealth gap is an opportunity gap, that people need to be made useful by being able to have jobs and so on. So, I think that there should be — that should be considered, you know, an imperative.

Saturn keeps us to the task at hand. With the karmic taskmaster of the Zodiac going to Capricorn, we can all take to the streets fighting the “oppressive government” but will it put bread on the table, more money in our pockets?  When the people lack opportunities for growth through enterprise they may end up in a bad way. This points the way towards why indeed Mars (action) is exalted in Capricorn.  

Leo Alexander

Nessus Ventures

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