September Horoscopes By Mack & The Zodiac

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Read the horoscope associated with your rising sign if you know it, as it’s tailored to your chart and is likely to be a more accurate depiction of your life. You can also read for you sun sign if you don’t know your rising, as sun sign horoscopes provide a big picture outlook on life.

Aries Rising / Aries Sun:

Welcome to September, Aries! The summer days have started waning, and with the approach of fall we find ourselves beginning to shift gears. Leo season saw you overflowing with creative, self expressive energy. You stepped onto your own stage, wined and dined, and overall had a good time. Virgo season is here and in full swing, and with it’s arrival you find yourself needing to ground and recenter yourself. You may be feeling pulled towards exercise, clean eating, and generally focusing on realigning your mind, body, and spirit. The focus that you’re gifted this month is a treat, for as you become more adept at realigning your physical body, you simultaneously find you can work at the tasks at hand in your life with twice the amount of efficiency. The Virgo New Moon that took place on August 30th was conjunct your ruling planet, Mars- roping your identity and physical body very strongly into the month ahead. Mars oversees both your human vessel and your persona, so with this new moon’s purifying Virgo vision it’s a great time to hone in on getting in sync with the needs of your body. Go to a yoga class, go for a run, or eat things that make you feel good. You may find this month has you focusing strongly on your job as well. There could be new stories unfolding around your work place and the weight of your work load. On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces arrives. This full moon shines it’s light into the darker crevices of your mind- asking you to come face to face with the ways in which you self sabotage. You may be feeling extra sensitive on this full moon, for it’s one that really requires you to hide out, meditate, and connect to source on an internal level. It’s a great day to take a bath, go for a swim, or walk along the water somewhere. The full moon in Pisces tends to be an emotional one, as we find ourselves overly fixated on the mundane and physical elements of our lives during Virgo’s reign. Feel free to soak in the vulnerability of your emotions. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, pulling your focus away from your health and routine and towards the art of relationship. Since these two are moving at the same pace together in the sky, you find yourself really thinking (Mercury) about love and relationship (Venus).  The mood lightens with Venus back on her home turf of Libra, turning your eye towards appreciating beauty and away from the little things in life. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, heralding a definite change in season and tone. You’ll find yourself living in the mental and idea realm rather than the physical, earthy one of Virgo. It’s time for close personal encounters, and the New Moon in Libra on September 28th cements your interest and involvement in relationship stories for the coming month, as the people closest to you in your life become of primary importance. It’s time for you to learn a brand new lesson about love, Aries!

Taurus Rising / Taurus Sun:

Virgo season is upon us, Taurus, and luckily for you it’s turning out to be a real treat. You deserve a break, as Leo season was’t the easiest terrain for you to navigate. You had to go deep into the dark well of your psyche, examining your relationships to your family, parents, and past and you may have had to do some renovations (inside and out) of your home life. Virgo season takes you out of the dark and into the light, which you’ve worked really hard to earn. The Virgo New Moon occurred on August 30th, and with it comes a new narrative in your life around pleasure, romance, sex, and artistic self expression. Now that you’ve worked through solidifying your emotional foundation, you can more comfortably and freely  express yourself and your creative urges. Your focus turns to actively having fun, allowing yourself to be child-like once more. Romance and sexual expression also becomes a priority this month, as you find yourself needing to get into true Taurus mode and get physical. Your ruling planet, Venus, is a little cranky in Virgo- as she finds herself being a little more nitpicky and wanting things to be perfect- so try not to let her put a damper on your fun by over analyzing and over judging situations that are meant to be a good time. On September 14th the annual Full Moon in Pisces blooms, pulling you out of the physical realms and briefly into the oceans of the emotional. Your awareness of your current friendships and support systems will be really strong at this time. You may find that everyone wants a piece of you around this full moon! Try not to go overboard trying to be everywhere for everyone, as the pisces full moon tends to be highly sensitive and intensely emotional at times. You may find you’d rather retreat and hide away than be involved around this full moon, but more than likely you’ve signed yourself up for one too many events to be a part of this month. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, shifting the tone away from all the parties and fun and more towards cleaning up the excess and getting back on track. Your ruling planet Venus will be feeling much more at ease when she makes this transition, as she feels very much at home in the sign of the scales, so you’re likely to be feeling even better once she leaves Virgo behind. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, fully pulling your focus towards your work/balance lifestyle. Libra season will have you reconnecting to your mind, body, and spirit as well as honing in on your diet and exercise patterns. You may go a little bit overboard during Virgo season, potentially eating and drinking to excess. Libra season will help you find a happy balance, as you get physically motivated once more to focus on your daily routines that help simplify and straighten things out. The New Moon in Libra on September 28th officially starts a brand new story around these habits and rituals of your daily life. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to introduce a new exercise routine or diet into your life, this new moon that is in full support of you!

Gemini Rising / Gemini Sun:

We’ve made it to September, Gemini! Leo season had your mind super busy, buzzing with activity as you propelled yourself into new arenas of thought. Life likely felt a hectic, as you had to send many emails, returning phone calls and run around your neighborhood trying to tackle a multitude of nearby tasks. It’s time to slow down and reconnect with your emotions and your family as fall approaches. Virgo season summons you inward, asking you to take a break from the stressors of mental/verbal realm. You may start to sense a strong need to return home, away from the harsh realities of the world. The Virgo New Moon arrived on August 30th, creating a new story and intention around your home life and family. Cleaning house, minimizing, and generally Marie Kondo-ing your home might feel really rewarding at this time- it is Virgo season after all! Virgo season for you is an insular time, and is ideal for reconnecting to your roots, taking care of your emotional needs, and spending time with family. Fortunately, while this can be an emotional and somewhat private, reclusive time for you, your ruling planet Mercury finds itself feeling focused, strong and centered, as it is at its happiest and most productive in Virgo. September 14th brings the annual Full Moon in Pisces to its climax. This full moon is a critical one for you, as it reveals to you the work you’ve put in towards your career and reputation up to this point. You may feel super aware of who you are in the world and where it is you’d like to be headed. How do I want the world to remember me is a question that often sticks its head up at this full moon. This month poses some important issues for you, as you become fully aware of how you need to nurture yourself emotionally vs. how you can put yourself out there into the eye of the public world. Pisces moons tend to be pretty sensitive, and with this one happening right next to Neptune you may feel at a loss and slightly confused about what it is you need to do next. The fog is not permanent though, so trust your gut and your senses before proceeding. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which help to shift the tone away from the inner workings of your private life and more towards that of your creative self expression. You’ll find your interests shift away from needing to be home and more towards needing to be out and about once again. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which takes you fully into the creative realms and turns your focus towards enjoying the finer things in life. Libra season will urge you to activate your self expression and find your own stage, as well heighten your sexual needs and romantic encounters. The New Moon in Libra on September 28th offers you the opportunity to begin creating a new story around your love life and how you embrace fun.  If you’ve been wanting to get involved with a creative project, go on a date with someone, or spice things up- now is the time! Your desire to express yourself will be at a peak.

Cancer Rising / Cancer Sun:

You’ve made it to September, Cancer! August was likely a time filled with some financial stressors, and perhaps you’ve come out of it feeling a little more secure with your money situation. Leo season had you  busy re-examining your personal resources and abilities, and now that you know what’s what you’re feeling ready to incorporate some new knowledge into your skillset. The Virgo New Moon arrived on August 30th and oversees your mental and verbal activity, so your desire to get involved with some new form of education is most likely. You’ll find that you’re constantly making calls, getting emails, or responding to texts through out Virgo season. You may also have a new found involvement in your neighborhood or your siblings can take some special precedence this month. Pick up a new book and give your brain a little treat, as your curiosity for life grows stronger. On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces arrives, and it lights up the area of your life concerned with spiritual thought, philosophy, and wisdom. You might be deeply interested in education through out the month, pondering what it is you wish to do with your life, and via your educational interests you may better define your path. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, moving your mental shift away from the mental realm and into the emotional. Libra oversees your home and your emotional foundations. Mercury and Venus are moving together as a pair for a bit, offering you a unique opportunity to come up with ideas on how to beautify and refresh your home, in true Libra fashion. This day would be great for purchasing some new things to freshen up your home life, as you’ll likely find something beautiful that speaks to you. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which signals for you that it’s time to come back to home base. You’ll have grown weary of all the neighborhood gatherings and mental hoops you’ve encouraged yourself to jump through, and now you’ll be ready to cozy up at home and get in touch with your emotional foundation. As a Cancer, you’re already very aware of how important your sanctuary is to you, so try to honor the fact that it’s time to move inward. The New Moon in Libra on September 28th gives you a new opportunity to create a new story around your home. Maybe you’re moving, renovating or changing things up in your home life? This new moon tells a story of your emotional roots, how well are you taking care of them? Do you need to do some garden work around your feelings? Libra season offers plenty for you to work with, but ultimately it asks you to focus on your psychological foundations that have been built up by our families. Reexamining your past relationships to your parents now could bring some revelatory insight that will help you move out of any sticky situations you’re currently involved in.

Leo Rising / Leo Sun:

Virgo season is upon us, Leo! Last month had you living it up, stepping into your identity and tackling personal problems head on. You’ve renewed yourself and have a strong understanding of who you are and where you’re going at this point, and now Virgo season is here to help you pave the path. The Virgo New Moon arrived on August 30th, and its mission is to get you directly in touch with your capabilities and talents, thus reigniting all of your old skillsets. You may feel compelled to get back to things you used to enjoy doing as a kid, and these activities really hold the key to your growth at this time. If you used to journal, draw, sing- try playing with these outlets again! Virgo season also illuminates concerns and awareness over your current financial situation. You may feel a little stressed about money, but with Virgo ruling your money house, it’s likely you won’t overspend and will try to cut back on the financial indulgences you allowed over the summer. You can get by on less now, but its a good idea to really start forming a plan around your money for the year ahead. On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces arrives, and shines its psychic, empathic rays into your shared money resources. What do you pool together with a partner? If you’re in a relationship, there can be financial concerns that rear their head between the two of you now. Is one person contributing more than the other? How can you find a place of balance? If money isn’t the issue, relationship vulnerability, awareness, and intimacy is. You may be quite emotional around this full moon, as it brightens up some of the darker corners of your mind. You might be feeling phobic, compulsive, and intense around this moon so try not to take anything TOO seriously that comes up for you. Just acknowledge that it exists. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, having completed their focus on your spending habits, they now will seek to expand and illuminate your mental/verbal world. These two will have you sounding very charming to others around the full moon, so you’ll have a natural knack for being persuasive and easily listened to. Great few days for a job interview, (post full moon) as you’ll come off very well spoken. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which points your journey in the direction of the mind. Your communication will suddenly become very important to you. You may want to start writing, begin a class, or actively engage on a social level with people in your neighborhood. Your urge to communicate your ideas during Libra season is potent, so use it to your advantage! The New Moon in Libra on September 28th solidifies this desire and allows you to begin planting seeds around a new educational or teaching endeavor. Maybe you’ve been wanting to teach a class? Write a screen play? This is your time- as your mind is sharp and adroit, and your creativity is flowing. 

Virgo Rising / Virgo Sun:

Happy Virgo season, sweet Virgo! You must be so pleased to finally have made it here, since Leo season was probably a bit heavy and had you hiding out from the world. All eyes are currently on you, and you’re finally feeling ready to burst forth. This time is somewhat of a personal new year for you- as you step into your spotlight and break free from your cocoon. The Virgo New Moon arrived on August 30th, and is a potent one for you, as it aids you in developing a new story around your identity, personality, and physical appearance. Something is changing about you and you feel compelled to show the world this new side of you- but not just yet. This month features Mercury, Venus, and Mars all moving along with the Sun- so your sign is buzzing with activity. At times this can be over stimulating- as you feel compelled to move in many different directions. Mars will want you to assert yourself. Venus will want to magnetize partners to you. And Mercury will have you over thinking all of it. All thats required of you is that you get to know yourself in a new way and focus entirely on you and your own needs, instead of your typical give everything to everyone else motto. The September 14th Full Moon in Pisces holds quite the opposite set of standards, as you’ll find yourself emotionally looking upon your relationship story. You may feel keenly sensitive and intensely present around this full moon, as it lights up your house of close partnerships. Relationship stories take center stage now and demand your full attention. If you’re single or in a relationship, it won’t matter- you’ll be thinking about exes, your current crush, your current partner- whichever. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a balancing beam- trying to figure out how much to give to another person and how much to keep for yourself. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which begins to take some of the pressure off of you and your identity, and fine tunes itself to you and your resources. You’re a natural compromiser, with Libra ruling your second house of talents, you have an inherent skillset around finding balance in relationship. Your ruling planet Mercury, will have you thinking about all of your abilities, as well as your money situation. Try not to go crazy worrying about cash flow at this time, for Virgo you love to over worry! The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which will fully begin to bring your attention to your finances- pay attention to how you spend, save, and budget going forward this month. Fortunately with Venus moving through your money house all month, she’s likely to bring things to you and smooth your cashflow over. The New Moon in Libra on September 28th will help you formulate new uses around your talents, abilities, and money. Make sure to work on creating a plan that helps you keep track of how you spend, save, and budget. 

Libra Rising / Sun:

We’ve almost made it to your season, Libra! For now though, Virgo holds the throne. The suns time in Virgo will see you hiding out away from the world. Something in you now needs a recharge in solitude- one that can only be attained by staying out of the social spotlight. You’re desiring to move inward, to meditate, and to surrender to the flow- and thats exactly what needs to happen. The Virgo New Moon that came on August 30th helped you set new intentions around your inner spiritual practice. Virgo season oversees your house of self sabotage, but this house is exactly where your super strengths lie. Part of what gets you down is the details in life- they can become way too overwhelming and you can become too critical of yourself, especially in allowing negative thinking to permeate. Something in you needed to be released and regenerated, and only through this month of peace and restoration can that be achieved. The September 14th Full Moon in Pisces has a very different tone, as it illuminates your practical, very much physical and mundane world. You may have some realizations about your work place, your health and routine, and how you give service to other people at this time. Having a Pisces ruled 6th house, you inherently wish to take care of people and be a people pleaser. This full moon can help you realize where you need to either cut back or empathize more deeply. This full moon also can show you some hidden health problems, so pay close attention to any signals your body gives you. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which begin the Libra parade. These two will be moving through your the house associated with you, your body, persona, and essence. As a pair, Venus and Mercury work nicely together- beautifying what you say and how you come across. Venus, your planetary ruler, rejoices in Libra and she will make you shine for the month ahead, magnetizing people to you like crazy. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which turns your attention fully to your own rebirth. This is your personal new year moment. You’ve come out of your spiritual cocoon of isolation, and are once again ready to invite people into your world (You can never hold out on that for very long, Libra!).  Towards the end of the month, your ruler Venus will come to square Saturn and Pluto. This can be trying, as you feel the call of your past challenging the echo of your future. You may feel blocked, limited, and unusually emotionally frustrated by the end of September. Keep going. The New Moon in Libra on September 28th invites you to create a new story around your identity. You’re wishing to show the world who you are on your own two feet. How can you help break through your old barriers and inhibitions? How can you more purposefully activate the you that you wish to embody?  This new moon will show you the way, as long as you pay close attention to yourself- and no one else- at this time!

Scorpio Rising / Scorpio Sun:

September is in full swing, Scorpio, and luckily for you Virgo season supports you and your ambitions. Leo season had you super career oriented, running around trying to prove something of yourself. Maybe you got a promotion, a job interview, or set some new goals in mind. Virgo season is here to help you take it one step further, and in an organized and more efficient manner than perhaps you’re used to being equipped with. The Virgo New Moon that came on August 30th has you pouring revitalized energy into your hopes, dreams, and goals! What is it you wish to accomplish? What new goals can you write down for yourself to internalize and manifest? Your friends may hold the key this month. Virgo season rules over your social groups and networks- so turn to them to find your answer in terms of taking the next step. A friend or someone in your circle is likely to benefit you with what you’re trying to do. Just reach out and ask. Your planetary ruler, Mars, is hovering close to the Sun for the first week of September- which propels you into furthering your career goals still, and plowing ahead despite any setbacks. Around mid month, Mars comes to oppose Neptune- which may have many effects. You may feel tired, run down, confused, dissipated, and like you’re not exactly sure what your next step should be. This is just a momentary fog, fear not. The fog thickens on September 14th when the Full Moon in Pisces comes to fruition. This can be an emotionally intense full moon, and it rattles your house of romance, play, and creative self expression. Sex on this day is likely to be pretty magical for you specifically, although be it everyones feeling extra sensitive and otherworldly. Allow yourself to dream a little dream on this full moon, as it reveals to you some of your most creative work just under the surface of the emotions on this day. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which begins to alter the tone a bit. Fall will be full steam ahead, and for you this is a time of moving inward. These two planets in Libra echo relationship importance, and for you Libra rules over the house that deals with self defeat and self sabotage, as well as where your super powers reside. The way you do relationship is a super power, you get it, you know how to merge and how to compromise. But sometimes you over compromise and need to be reminded of your own boundaries and needs. The ingress of these planets will begin to show you some of these relationship reminders. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which is a full on reminder that it’s time to go home. You’re needing isolation in Libra season, and the urge for quiet contemplation and spiritual surrender is very strong. The New Moon in Libra on September 28th invites you to figure out how to balance surrender with discipline and spirituality with reality. Though not always the easiest, this can be the most rewarding time, as you find yourself cocooning right before your rebirth in Scorpio season. Do the inner work!

Sagittarius Rising / Sagittarius Sun:

Welcome to Virgo season, Sagittarius! This is gonna be a big month for you, as Virgo season asks you to step into the version of you that you’ve always dreamed of. The Virgo New Moon that came on August 30th highlights your reputation and career drive for the month ahead. The parade of Virgo planets this month will have you buzzing with activity, and questioning which directive to take at times, but all in all this energy catapults you towards following your dreams. You’re developing a new vision for yourself and your career, and luckily you’re fantastic at dreaming up the dream, but sometimes doing the actual leg work is the hardest part for you. Thats where the Virgo magic kicks in, helping you to take solid, tactile steps towards actually accomplishing your goals. Don’t get overwhelmed by the little things asking for you attention in life now, for thats where you should turn your focus. The devils in the details!

On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces comes out to play, highlighting your deepest subconscious levels. While you have all this career energy buzzing around you, you’ll stop around this full moon and realize the potency of your emotional needs. This full moon will have you pressing pause on your social life, and will ask you to come home. You’ll wanna be with your family and in the comfort of your home at this full moon, as you’ll likely be feeling extra emotional and sensitive. Your parents, your family, your home, and your emotional foundation all come under the examining rays of this full moon. In order to blossom in your new career path, you’ll have to make sure that you’re taking care of your most personal, private self. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which begins to change the tone a little in your life. These two help you scheme up some new hopes and dreams for yourself. Venus and Mercury are traveling together in the sky for a bit, and with them hanging out in your house of friends and social networks, its a great time to catch up with your peers. You may have some really good times and important conversations with them under this aspect, so take the time to give your friends a call. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd which helps change perspective away from the conception of goals to taking the steps to see them through. The Sun’s time in Libra also highlights the importance of your relationships to your friends and social networks. The New Moon in Libra arrives on September 28th and creates a new opportunity for you to welcome both new people and new goals into your life. Again, friendships play an especially important role during this time in helping you achieve your dreams!

Capricorn Rising / Capricorn Sun:

September is in full swing, Capricorn, and fortunately for you, fellow earth sign Virgo has your back this season. Leo season had you treading through the depths of your psyche and may have left you feeling exhausted by what you had to deal with psychologically. The Virgo New Moon that came on August 30th gave you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of self- through philosophy, spirituality, and the big picture view of life- all of which have been enhanced from your recent visit into your own shadow side. You may desire to embark on a trip to somewhere brand new, or perhaps undertake a new field of study into your life under Virgo’s reign. On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces blossoms, and it’s illuminating rays turn to the little things in life. You’ll have been so focused on dreaming up grandiose visions of how life oughta be, that this full moon will pull you back to reality. You’ll be very aware under this full moon of how you come across on a verbal level. You might be extra sensitive to your thoughts now- as they take on that Piscean intensity of emotion. It’s a great day for journaling, writing poetry, or singing and playing music. Finding someway to activate that third house and utilize your ability to dream a little dream. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which shifts the tone towards a growing interest in your career and public persona. Venus and Mercury will be making you look good in the middle weeks of September- especially to your bosses or any form of authority that you may run up against. Could be a good time to approach about a raise! The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, making your monthly mission go from daydreaming about who you want to be to actually climbing the ladder. Libra season oversees your public stance in the world, enhancing your career and drive for a reputation. You’ll be hard to miss this month, so be cautious about what you put out there, good or bad it will be noticed! The New Moon in Libra arrives on September 28th, crafting a new narrative around who you wish to become. New job stories are entering your life over the next month, and I know you’re ready to tackle any task when it comes to your ambitions. Allow this new moon to show you the next step in advancing yourself!

Aquarius Rising / Aquarius Sun:

Welcome to Virgo season, Aquarius. You’ve been really learning a lot about relationships this summer, as Leo season highlighted the importance of partnerships in your life. Now its time to take it one step further. The Virgo New Moon that came on August 30th highlighted a new narrative about other peoples resources, and how you and a partner work together to achieve intimacy, vulnerability, and sensuality. You may experience some trepidation here in Virgo season, as you’re being asked to reassess yourself and your fears towards relationship. During this time you may feel drawn to the darker things in life, and may want to have a good look at your compulsions and obsessions as they may rear their head at this time. You’re being asked to psychologically reevaluate yourself during the sun’s time in Virgo. This is a great new moon for beginning therapy, doing a past life regression, or anything that involves the recesses of our minds. You might also be keenly aware of your sexual needs during this time and learning more about what you expect out of a truly intimate, sharing partnership. On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces comes shining through, and it reveals to you your current state of affairs regarding your own resources, talents, and abilities. You might have some revelations about your money situation now, which can be helpful, or even realize some of your old talents that have been stowed away. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, taking the first few steps out of the darkness and into the light. These two go dancing into your 9th house, inviting you to book a trip, sign up for a class, or engage in some form of spiritual education. You might start feeling mentally restless, craving to learn something new. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which re-directs your mission towards one of integration regarding what it is you saw when you went into your psychic realms throughout Virgo season. What did you learn about yourself that you maybe found a little uncomfortable? It’s time to integrate the shadow side during Libra’s time. The New Moon in Libra arrives on September 28th, and gives you the opportunity to create intentions around what you know about life, in the sense that you’re being asked to expand your understanding of reality. Look for new ways to satiate your curiosity, Aquarius!

Pisces Rising / Pisces Sun:

Welcome to September, Pisces! This time of year is all about relationships for you. The Virgo New Moon that came on August 30th planted seeds of intention around your most intimate partnerships and one on ones in your life. Are there new lessons for you to absorb about relationship? Are you getting out of one, or into one? Whatever the case may be, relationship is of primary importance this month. Watch for the individual vs. us mentality to rear its head through out the month. Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all traveling along with the Sun at this time, which sends a lot of energy in that direction, some of it may be confusing at times. Venus will magnetize relationships and try to smooth things over, while Mars wants to stir the pot and serve the self at times, creating quarrels. All in all, tons of relationship energy this month. See what comes up for you and keep a strong eye on what you project onto your partner now. On September 14th the Full Moon in Pisces lights up the night sky, casting it’s emotional and revelatory rays onto you as an individual. This full moon may reveal what your individual needs are in relationship, and just how valid and important they are. You may also have heath or body issues / body awareness come up during this full moon. Try not to go overboard with concerns about how you look or think you look, as this full moon is conjunct Neptune, making your thinking a little distorted and over emotional. On the other hand, this full moon can reveal health problems too which of course should be addressed. On September 15th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra, which makes sex even sexier, though with a tinge of psychological intensity. These two move as a pair throughout the middle of September, likely prompting you to talk about relationship issues and bring them to the surface in your partnerships. The Sun enters Libra on September 23rd, which asks you to take your relationship to the next level. You’re asked to see what you can truly accomplish as a pair, and how you can contribute and cooperate together to make something work. You may also be going on psychological excavations during Libra season, as relationship holds the key here in untangling some of your hangups. The New Moon in Libra arrives on September 28th, and with it comes a ripe opportunity for you to delve into your relationship fears, as well as relationship resources. Re evaluate how the two of you operate together now, and especially how you pool your money and time. This new moon also invites you to have a good look at yourself, its specifically a wonderful time to begin a therapy practice of sorts so you have a guide to help you into the dark.

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