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July Horoscopes 2019 for Plutonic Mag:

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Read the horoscope associated with your rising sign if you know it, as it’s tailored to your chart and is likely to be a more accurate depiction of your life. You can also read for you sun sign if you don’t know your rising, as sun sign horoscopes provide a big picture outlook on life.

Aries Rising / Sun: 

Hey there Aries Rising! Cancer season is upon us and while you’d think in the midst of summer you’d be out there being your natural extroverted self, your concerns are actually taking an  inward turn towards your home life and your current emotional state. Cancer season marks the time for you to withdraw from your social scene in an effort to get in touch with your emotional roots. Theres a tendency now to feel more introverted with a desire to stay at home away from the world while also feeling very sensitive to your own psychological undercurrents. You may also feel the need to get in touch and connect more with your family. The New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd offers you the perfect opportunity to begin forming a new story around your home and family life. Maybe you’re moving, redecorating, or reconnecting with family you’ve fallen out of touch with? This new moon occurs on the same day as the solar eclipse. Eclipses are wildcards that rush in change, so this new moon energy will be chock full of electric activity and will likely offer some enlightenment on your current living situation or emotional awareness. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 17th is host to a lunar eclipse, which occurs in the career and reputation sector of your chart. This full moon makes you super aware of where you want to be heading career wise, but only by nurturing your foundation this month will you be able to extend your energy further into building your reputation. Finally, end of month sees yet another New Moon in Leo on July 31st, around which time you’ll be feeling ready to get creative and shine publicly once more!

Taurus Rising / Sun:

Welcome to July, Taurus Rising! Cancer season may have you running laps around your neighborhood, sending emails, making calls, and generally scrambling to get everything on your to do list done.  You may find your mind is working overtime, as you may be growing more curious about what your next life move might be. It’s a highly mental time for you, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd offers a brand new space for you to think and dream within. It’s the perfect time to enroll in a new class that piques your interest, reply to long overdue emails, or begin journaling or expressing yourself in an entirely new way. Solar eclipses tend to invite in wild card energy, and for you that activity may be taking place mentally/verbally on an internal level or it could take place externally as a change in your neighborhood, community, or relationship to your siblings. Since eclipse energy is quite potent I would suggest you find some outlet for your over active mind this month! Even if its just calling up a friend to vent, you need it! You may be so busy with tackling the little details of every day life this month, that by the time the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn arrives on July 17th comes around, you could find yourself feeling spiritually and philosophically spoken to by life on a grand scale. You might start pondering your purpose and belief systems and may begin painting a bigger picture of your life. Lunar eclipses tend to make us reflect on the activity that took place during the solar eclipse, so you may find yourself feeling very private, insular and thoughtful at this time.  The month is bookended by a New Moon in Leo on July 31st, which will have you honing in on a new story around your home life and relationship to family. Overall its a great month for you to follow where your thoughts are leading you now and to embrace learning something new, however big or small!

Gemini Rising/Sun:

July is here, Gemini Rising! You may be coming into July riding off the high that you had last month where you had been primarily focusing on yourself, rightfully so! All eyes were on you and it may have felt refreshing or possibly overwhelming. This Cancer season finds you honing in on your financial situation and personal resources, while simultaneously reacquainting you with your inherent talents and abilities. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd pulls your attention towards the ins and outs of your bank account. You have the opportunity now to begin cultivating a new attitude towards your relationship with money- spending, saving, budgeting etc. Eclipses tend to have an erratic and unpredictable tone to them, as they rush energy in and out of our lives, and for you that energy will be occurring on the financial scale. This eclipse is also likely to activate your feelings and thoughts on your own self worth, for better or worse you may be sizing yourself up and getting in touch with how you feel about yourself lately. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn arrives on July 17th occurs in the area of your life where debts, taxes, and other peoples money comes into play. You may be keenly aware of the exchanges and contributions that occur between you and a partner, if you share money or resources in any capacity. This full moon is also likely to show us the dark side of our own personality- we may take a dip into our phobias, compulsions, and come face to face with our awareness of our own mortality. This full moon can also highlight your sexuality and bring about a deep need for true intimacy and vulnerability in relationship. Even if shining the light is uncomfortable into this part of our psyche, it’s worth taking a look around and cleaning out the cobwebs. The New Moon in Leo on will lead us out out of this more vulnerable position and will allow us to create a new narrative around our communication, desires to learn, and will help us creatively express ourselves as fully as possible. Going through the ins and outs of your psyche, self values, and intimacy hang ups most of July will help you create concrete thoughts and ideas that will be worth communicating with the world towards month end, so keep up the good work!

Cancer Rising/Sun:

Wishing both a happy July to Cancer Risings and a happy birthday to my fellow Cancer Suns out there! July is a big one for you, as the wild card eclipses are occurring in your sign. You may have been hiding away in your shell during gemini season, needing to rest and retreat from the pressures of the outside world. People may have been asking you where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to, now is the time to step out and show them! The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd is the time for you to shine. A new part of your personality is breaking through your self imposed barriers of the past, as you wish now to assert your self expression in an entirely new way. You’re individualizing at this time, becoming very aware of your own needs and how you come across to the world. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th brings some emotional awareness to your current close partnerships. If you’re in a relationship, this may be one of the tougher days to navigate, as tensions mount and you’re forced to deal with the reality of what you’ve built together. These eclipses highlight the tension between the individual and the other, and theres so much momentum you’re building around yourself now (rightfully so) that you have to go in and weigh things out with a partner. If the relationship is on weak legs at the moment, the energy of the eclipse may help you decide to bring it to a close. If the relationship is grounded and healthy, this will be an important point of tension that brings up critical topics for you two to review. If you’re single, you may find that a relationship story could be developing right around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled! The New Moon in Leo on July 31st will pull your focus towards developing a new narrative around your financial situation, helping you to review your budgeting, spending and saving. It will also help you to reacquaint yourself with your own natural resources, talents, and abilities- which is perfect since you’re really working on getting to know yourself even better now. Embrace it!

Leo Rising/Sun:

Welcome to the throes of summer, Leo Rising! Cancer season may see you wanting to hide out away from the world for a little while. You may need to treat yourself more gently this month, as your need for rest and recuperation is strong now. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd is helping you to create a new narrative around your sense of spirituality and surrender. What do you need to release and where do you need to recharge? You may be sensing some psychological ripples happening for you just below the surface of your mind. This is a sensitive place in the chart for an eclipse to be occurring, as eclipses bring in sudden changes in our lives or our perceptions.Give yourself a break now- call off your plans, take care of your needs and reaffirm your own narrative around what you want. You’ll need much more time alone now to contemplate the recent ongoings in your life so down the road you can figure out how you’d like to proceed. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th shines its emotional spotlight into the realm of the seemingly mundane- our day to day routines, mind/body/soul connection, health, and relationship to our current jobs. If any health problems arise during this lunar eclipse, get them checked out at once. Eclipse energy can be tumultuous and erratic, and in this sensitive area of the chart its well suggested to check in on yourself physically, not only emotionally.  The end of the month holds a lighter note in store, as the New Moon in Leo on July 31st sees you bursting out of your cocoon and onto your own stage, brimming with insight and ready to start seeing yourself in a brand new light. It’s important to honor the dark sides you may encounter this month, because by months end you’ll be feeling more integrated and whole, and ready to show the world what you’ve got in store.

Virgo Rising/Sun :  

Hello there Virgo Rising, it looks like July is shaping up to be a pretty fruitful month for you! While you were busy all Gemini season putting the footwork in towards your career and reputation, Cancer season offers you a glimpse into the world of your newly found goals. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd is here to help you craft a new story in your life around your friendships, community at large, and your dearest hopes and dreams. Eclipses tend to bring in big changes if they touch something in our chart, so for you these changes may occur in your friend groups or your relationship to any group involvement at large. You may be struck with revelations about new goals you’d like to tackle as well. You may be feeling super concerned with humanity at large, wondering how you can help in the current times we’re living in. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th will bring you back to yourself with a beaming awareness focused towards your creative efforts. This full moon will remind you that the joys in life come from making art, making love, and actualizing your creative self expression. You may be keenly aware of the romantic relationship energy in the air for you right now, as you can tune into the inter workings of your dynamics. You may be feeling super sexy, romantically entranced and extra creative now, so use that power in whichever way you’d like! The New Moon in Leo on July 31st has a little bit more of a challenging feeling to it, as you’re being summoned to move inward away from the world and towards some much needed R&R. Resting and relaxing is not always easily embraced by you, Virgo Rising, but it is critical now for you to proceed. Take it easy towards the end of the month and begin turning your awareness away from your network of people and direct it inwards, towards your most private inner realms. 

Libra Rising/Sun:

Welcome to July, Libra Rising! You may have spent last month dreaming up possibilities for yourself in an arm chair, learning new things, or traveling to new places. This month holds those new found life perspectives to the fire. It’s an exciting time for you because Cancer season oversees the development of your career and reputation in the world. The eclipses arrive this month and are likely to bring in some critical change around your career situation as well as your home life. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd promises to deliver a brand new story developing around your destiny. What you want to do with your time here on earth is likely becoming ever clearer, and this eclipse will help show you exactly where to plant those seeds. Solar eclipses are typically action packed with concrete events taking place. Maybe you’ll feel some of this energy happening around your career? All of this upward growth and destiny manifestation takes a crucial pause around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th. Around this time, you’ll be turning your eye inward to your life at home and your foundational emotional needs. You may wish to reach out to your family and touch base or just nurture yourself and withdraw from the world for a few days with this full moon in play. This is a critical moment for  you, even though it may feel like a setback at the time. You have to go down into your roots to make sure everything is nurtured from the ground up before you can continue to reach new heights through your skyward branches! The New Moon in Leo on July 31st will put some pep back in your step though, as it highlights your fondest hopes and dreams, as well as the connections you’ve established with your friends and the community.

Scorpio Rising/Sun:

We’ve made it to July, Scorpio Rising! June may have been a tough month for you, as you were hiding out, exploring the dark parts of your psyche and the depths of your close personal relationships. July promises to expand your horizons as your perceptions on life are now starting to change. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd arrives in time to help you create a new story around your personal approach to philosophy, spirituality, and the taste of experiencing something brand new. You may be traveling somewhere you’ve never been this month, or finally signing up for a class in something that interests you. It’s encouraged that you follow your curiosity now, as this new moon attempts to draw you towards something brand new in your life. All this grand dreaming of the big picture in our lives will help you expand your perceptions on life, so when the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th comes around you can expect to have the little things come back into focus. This full moon will jolt the area of your chart that deals with your communication and your mind. You’re starting to express yourself differently now, as you begin integrating your interests in new life experiences you’ve been picking up.  The New Moon in Leo on July 31st will be taking you to the next level, as you’ll be honing in on a new narrative around your career and reputation. The deep diving you did into yourself in June turns into developing fresh perspectives on life in July, and by the end of the month you’ll be ready to take these tools forward with you into the realm of your career possibilities.

Sagittarius Rising / Sun:

Welcome to July, Sagittarius Rising!  You’ve been keeping yourself busy working on understanding the nature of relationship this spring and you may find this July that there’s still some more uncovering to do. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd brings revelations and new developments around the intimacy dynamics in your partnerships and shared resources. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ll be aware of a new story unfolding around knowing what you want in a working partnership. This new moon will also summon you towards the inner workings of your mind- you may be more apt to explore some form of therapy, as you might find your mind fixating on compulsions, phobias, intimacy fears and vulnerabilities. July is a time where you may not feel like being seen, as you’re processing some pretty private ongoings emotionally and mentally.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th lights up the part of your chart concerned with your own resources, self worth, and abilities. In the midst of deep diving into your psyche, this full moon calls you back to balance yourself out by helping to bring you a strong awareness of your own inner resources and strengths as an individual. You may have a stark new perspective on how you’re feeling about yourself right now. Take it in stride and be easy on yourself, as the moon in Capricorn can tend to make us feel like where we’re not where we should be or that we’re not up to par. Believe me, you are absolutely good enough. Be gentle with yourself this months, as you’re feeling more sensitive than usual. If the feeling side doesn’t ring through for you this full moon, it could also be a money story thats happening for you with a strong awareness of your financial situation. You may decide to start budgeting, saving, or spending now as the full moon illuminates your relationship to money. The New Moon in Leo on July 31st is a beacon of light at months end, bringing you out of the muck and mire of the mind and into the realm of your mental and verbal self expression. You may start writing towards the end of the month and find a new voice within yourself.

Capricorn Rising / Sun:

July is upon us, Capricorn Rising! You may have been busy the last few weeks trying to reconnect body and mind through exercise and diet awareness, or maybe you’ve been swamped at work and are just now starting to feel the summer doldrums kick in. The focus changes this month towards your close personal relationships. There’s a new story at play in the world of your relationships, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd is sure to bring a boost. Eclipses tend to act erratically and unpredictably, and this one can see a relationship come into your life or out of it (only if it wasn’t working in the first place, not at random). If you’re already in a relationship with someone, you may find that you’re taking off on a whole new journey with them. There may still be more to learn about your partnership dynamics, and this eclipse will help make that clear as day. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th will bring you back to a firm awareness of you as an individual. You might become increasingly more clear on what it is you need for yourself in your relationships. Your identity and personality is getting hit with the emotional spotlight of this eclipse, so it’s a good time to gauge if you’re honoring yourself enough in your day to day relationships. You could also have revelations about who you want to be and how you want to be perceived by the world. Maybe you’re ready to start showing the world a part of yourself you’ve kept hidden away from a long time? The New Moon in Leo on July 31st occurs in the part of your chart dealing with intimacy, phobias, compulsions, and the dark parts of your psyche. You’ll be ready for these murky realms, as you’ll learn more about relationship throughout July, and by the end of month you’ll be prepared to go to the next level of authenticity with yourself and others. 

Aquarius Rising / Sun:

Hey there Aquarius Risings! You’ve been busy getting creative and learning to play with your new found self expression through out June. July takes on a bit of a different tone for you, perhaps one thats a little more concerned with getting down to work and dealing with the mundane, but critical elements of life.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd occurs in the area of your chart concerning work, health, and mind body connection. Things may have gotten a little out of control with the wining and dining that happened in June, and now this new moon is here to help you straighten things out for you internally. You might work to develop a new diet or try to establish an exercise routine that will help you reconnect mind and body. The little things in life matter to you in a big way, as if they go askew so does the rest. Make sure you’re tuning into the needs of your body now, as health problems can arise for you now and may require immediate attention, especially when eclipses are involved. Eclipses tend to be wildcards, bringing events in and out of our lives that can often be seen in dramatic sweeping actions. Leave your schedule open and light and make sure you’re taking care of yourself now. You may also find that developing a new approach to your work flow and efficiency now as well. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th will have you running in the opposite direct of reality. You’ll be longing to escape the world and will feel a strong need to retreat into isolation for a bit. You could be feeling extra dreamy around this time and summoned towards meditation, spirituality, and in general just allowing yourself to rest and retreat from the demands of the outer world. The end of the month sees the New Moon in Leo on July 31st. This bright and fun new moon will be happening in the area of your chart that oversees partnership and relationship, so you can expect to see a partnership story starting to unfold around then.

Pisces Rising / Sun:

Hi Pisces friends! Welcome to July, it’s shaping up to be a great month for you. June may have seen you feeling concerned with your home life and your most private emotional foundations. You may have withdrawn from the world and have been busy working on making your inner sanctuary beautiful and safe. It could have also been a bit uncomfortable, as you were forced to face some of pretty deep emotional stuff that stems from your early conditioning. Luckily, July has got your back. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd is going to help you develop a new narrative around your unique and creative self expression. You’ll be feeling the urge to create something new and to use your voice in a whole new way. Another possibility at this time is a romantic rendezvous! If you’re single you could wind up getting into a fun fling this month. The part of your chart this new moon happens in oversees erotic and sexual love, so dive right in and have fun freeing yourself up from last months emotional rollercoaster! Wining and dining, romance, creative self expression all get a great boost right now and you may have some intense revelations and events occur around these areas as the eclipse is also at play here! All this focus on your own stage comes to balance out around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 17th. The full moon falls in the sector of your life that relates to your goals, hopes and dreams, and your friendships and group associations. You’ll be keenly aware of the network of people at play in your life and may have some emotional revelations about the state of your friendships at this time. You may also come to realize some of your goals at this time. Write them down so they don’t slip away! The New Moon in Leo on July 31st will help you start making your goals into concrete plans of action. You’ll start feeling more work oriented towards the end of the month which will help you to sort out your workflow and help make your dreams a reality. One step at a time!

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