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AstroDienst July 2019 Notes

The current quality of time

Image: EclipseThe energy of the Solar Eclipse at the Cancer New Moon of July 2 dominates the coming month. One day after the New Moon, Venus also enters Cancer. The mood is characterized by sensitivity and sensitivities. The square from Venus to Chiron on July 7 also brings older or newer injuries into play – a time that requires a lot of attention. Mars entered Leo at the time of the Eclipse and now tends towards heroic deeds. If these are ill-considered, they can easily overlook current emotional needs.

The Lunar Eclipse during the Capricorn Full Moon of July 16 brings us yet again into contact with the overriding theme of time: The great suffering from constraints, meaninglessness and fear of the future. These are some of the issues connected with the impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020, which will present us all with great challenges.

But there is hardly time for despondency, because Mars will form a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25 and the Sun in Leo will square Uranus on July 29. The vision of a better world, large and small, can and should be courageously pursued.

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