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Chiron the crack in our consciousness. A place where our minds and consciousness will be able to grow.

Authored By: @NessusBlackCentuar 

“I think the reason that makes us unique is laid out in the story of Adam and Eve. Interestingly—and I really realized this only after I was doing the last three lectures—the Bible presents a cataclysm at the beginning of time, which is the emergence of self-consciousness in human beings. It puts a rift into the structure of being.” Jordan Peterson

This fall is where there’s a crack in our minds. An unfinished amalgam stuck between an animal and divine being, a human. Like Chiron is part God, human and beast. We have an existential pain that there are no words for. When we were back in the garden without self consciousness we could just be. But the constant state of stress from being eaten by snakes over and over again forced us to pay attention. Jordan Peterson talked about in the above quote from this video below how in the garden our being was fractured. There has been much talk about how America has a culture of narcissism. The antidote for narcissism described in Alexander Loewen’s revealing book on the subject, “embodied being.”

Chiron helps point the way toward this fracture of instinct and intellect. Where we rationalize our existential suffering and get stuck in the story. But no matter what we achieve in the world it will never be enough. This disgust with the fruits of the outer world is a sign of spiritual growth. It’s the soil to plant new seeds in our life. The Hindu traditions speak of Vairāgya an existential longing where the draw of the material world no longer holds us previously. In the book by Bhagvan: Das The Science of The Emotions they describe metaphors to describe this state. “A ton of plate is used to eat an ounce of food; a record of a piece of business has more time given to it than the performance of the business.”

Chiron points the way to connecting our minds to bodies; the instinct & the intellect. The shambhala teachings of Vidyahara Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche provide a key. The guru says “The simplicity of meditation means just experiencing the ape instinct of ego.” A major theme the shambhala teachings focus on building a relationship between the mind and the body to reunite heaven and earth.

The word Vidydhara is very interesting. One interpretation of the sanskrit word is Demi god. Beings who have attained supernatural abilities like Chiron on divination, strategy, healing, music, art and warfare. Chogyie had some intense abilities from what I have researched and heard directly from his students of many years.

With Chiron in Aries the wound is in our minds. The Aries ram rules the head. So if we have symptoms of headaches these are the wounds of Chiron calling out for healing. When we look to genuinely heal from unimaginable suffering we discover much about ourselves along the way. We may never fully heal from the crack in our skulls from the nasty fall we took in the garden, but when we understand that, our life situations become magically workable. Please check out this Chiron story of a Sheri Horn Hassan’s loss of a child through miscarriage and miraculous recovery from Multiple Sclerosis.


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